Metformin & PCOS postpartum - your experiences

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Metformin & PCOS postpartum - your experiences

Postby TheSparrow » Mon Mar 30, 2015 7:34 am

Hello from Australia,

I have been taking Metformin for more than 2 years. It changed my life. I am insulin resistant and have PCOS. I am 42 years old. At first I took XR at 1500mg, then Diaformin at 2500mg. The increased dose/Diaformin combination regulated my cycles, dialled down my rosacea, lifted my mood, and allowed me to conceive my daughter. (I also ate low GI and exercised for 40 minutes at least 5 times a week.)

About 3 weeks after delivery (c-section), my usual dose of 2500mg of Diaformin, which I had taken right through my pregnancy, started to give me stomach problems worse than any issues I'd had with Metformin previously. I wasn't breastfeeding any longer as I'd had problems with low supply. My diet was still low GI, but I wasn't exercising much. I had to stop the Diaformin, and go back to XR 1500mg. (I have recently lifted my dose to 2000mg of the XR.)

I think I need to get back to Diaformin 2500mg, plus 40 minutes exercise a day, because my periods haven't resumed, my skin is very, very oily, and (I think) the postnatal depression that I have experienced has, in part at least, been caused by my hormones being right out of whack. Diaformin 2500mg has served me very well in the past, and I want to regain my health so that I can be the best mum possible.

I'd really like to hear other experiences with Metformin postpartum, or PCOS postpartum. Has anyone experienced something similar, or have any tips to share?

I hope to get back to my endocrinologist but family events have made that impossible for the moment. (My husband's mother has weeks to live. She has aggressive liver cancer, and my dad is battling pancreatic cancer. As well, our LO is a Neocate baby due to milk intolerances.) I want to understand what went wrong with the Metformin post pregnancy, and what I need to do to get back on top of my PCOS symptoms.

Regards, The Sparrow.

PS I posted my circumstances to SoulCysters, but haven't yet had a response. I realise my circumstances might be unique :)
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Re: Metformin & PCOS postpartum - your experiences

Postby lyndsey1983 » Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:39 pm

Hi there in Aus!
Firstly congratulations on having LO. So sorry to hear about your situation at the moment :-(
Im so confused about my PCOS at the moment but I have experienced exactly the same thing with metformin. I had it through trying to conceive with clomid and through IVF and for the first three months of pregnancy with no problems whatsoever-never even had the stomach upset initially....But I have recently tried to go back onto it as my weight has ballooned, skin bad, hair growth terrible, moods bad etc etc and I just cant tolerate it any more-strangely enough ive had to finish work early today due to the upset stomach that metformin has caused :-( unfortunately I cant be of anymore help as I don't understand why the change but I just wanted to let you know you aren't alone!
Lyndsey x
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