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Agnus Castus

Postby aarrbeee » Thu Mar 19, 2015 6:21 pm

Hello Ladies

I've been TTC for about 9 months now. Diagnosed with PCOS since I was 16 (31 now). Gynae told me I have 'lazy ovaries' and after a few months of opk and tracking my bbt, it seems I don't ovulate. I started taking Agnus Castus about 3 months ago and the first month I had 55CDs then AF for 2 days. Now I'm on CD65 and slightly frustrated...

Has anyone been taking AC? I know it takes a wee while for it to get into your system, but I've heard of women reducing their cycles to 30-40 days or lower after a month of taking it. Also, I've read a couple places that you're not meant to take AC continuously, only until CD14 - can anyone confirm whether that's true or not? I'm worried I'm taking it wrong :(


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