How to get referred to get more help than a GP can give?

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How to get referred to get more help than a GP can give?

Postby Caz1980 » Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:29 pm

Hi Ladies (apologies for long post)

Just a quick overview - was diagnosed 10 years ago with both syndrome and cysts. Always had weight problems and heavy periods in teens, then extra hair and mood swings, IBS issues. Was allowed dianette as my weight was deemed safe... managed to have 2 children now 6 and 3. Was later banned from contraceptive pills due to migraine with sight disturbances. So have been battling with weight and other symptoms by changing my diet to low carb, using Agnus Castus, B vits.

This has been relitively successful and have remained in the 'healthy' weight range (just!) however I'm now getting a new range of problems.
*Sleep disturbances - where after 8 hours i still feel exhausted or vivid dreams and constant waking.
*I feel more agitated and short tempered almost anxious. For example, I'm a bit of a house proud person, but with kids its never perfect.. i almost take it overly personal that 'my' house is messed up, when my rational side knows its my hubby and kids home too. Very impatient, cross with kids and hubby over simple things.
*My pmt is getting worse, the week before i turn into super bitch and have been experiencing itchy, crawly, stingy skin... like bugs are crawling and biting me! (weird)
*tired achy body
*very low libido and when i do go for it, it takes forever to climax
*carb cravings... bread, toast, chips etc i dont give in but makes me a little emotional

GP today said.. its all hormone driven. The sleep disturbances, bug crawling and agitation is anxiety. told me theres 2 ways meditation/pilates/massages etc or antidepressants. (or both i spose) I asked to have more blood tests to find out whats going on with hormones...i.e why is it getting worse. He said "no. we know you have hormone issues which is incurable, blood tests will bring nothing new to the table it just about helping me day to day" Really? He has sent me away to have a think. I understand there are reasons for anti depressants and people have success, but surely just throwing anti ds at me isnt the only answer. what if i have insulin resistance? pre-diabetes? increased cholesterol? its been 10 years since my last bloods!!... yes that wont explain the anxiety but if they could be addressed, my symptoms may reduce thus reducing the need for anti d's? If theres nothing else going on i will be more willing to try the anti ds... but I almost want to eliminate other issues before, so i can make an informed decision. (n.b. my mum has fibromyalgia - which he completely discounted without a second thought)

Due to my constant hard work, diet management, plucking and bleaching, exercise, etc i don't feel they necessarily take my inner symptoms as seriously. Ive read people on here see gynocologists, endochronologists (sorry about spelling) A friend of a friend was told recently that higher protein diets can increase testosterone I eating the wrong foods? How will i know if they wont help me?

What do I do now?
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