Any advice on diet, supplements & therapies?

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Any advice on diet, supplements & therapies?

Postby LetticeKnollys » Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:54 am

I am 29 years old and have suffered from acne and painful/irregular periods since I was 15. I've been on Dianette pretty much ever since but after worsening skin problems and subsequently finding out that I have very high cholesterol, I have now been diagnosed with PCOS. In addition to the above I have the following symptoms:

*High cholesterol
*Symptoms of Insulin Resistance
*Mood swings
*Peaks and troughs in tiredness
*Severe sugar cravings - I’ve developed a really horrible relationship with food which results in me binge eating on sweet things when I feel sad (on the same scale as a bulimic binge eats and even doing things like hiding the evidence)
*Bad circulation in my legs (I'm not sure if this is related but it's causing the start of varicose veins which are unsightly and embarrassing plus I’m getting a lot of pain/heaviness in my legs

I have a fairly healthy diet and am working to improve this but would love to hear any help or advice - particularily anything that could help with the emotional side of things as I really struggle with this.
Are there any supplements that anyone can recommend or particular foods that work well?
As I said, I'm not sure if the bad circulation is related, so if anyone knows or can offer any suggestions to improve this I'd really appreciate it.

Many thanks in advance!
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