Treatment for PCOS after surgical menopause - what do I do?

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Treatment for PCOS after surgical menopause - what do I do?

Postby libralady » Wed May 05, 2010 1:16 pm

I had complete hysterectomy (ovaries,cervix,tubes,uterus)in 2008. Didn't want to take HRT felt fine for a year. lost lots of weight. Continued to have pmt symptoms, tiredness, bloatedness, cravings,mood swings when a period would have been due (checked with diary every month!) GP doesn't get it, even he thought pco was ovary prob and would go after removal of! Gradually I have lost interest in close contact with hubby and feel so tired, I can't find the energy I need to work out for very long and I can't get my bpm to the 'fat burning zone' I continue to put weight back on. I have spoken to my gp about metformin, he wouldnt let me go on anything til I did blood test for diabetes. Of course everytime I have a blood test it just comes back confirming that I am menopausal grrr! How do I go about getting the right advice? Do I take HRT or Metformin? or both? Does anyone have experience of using metformin after having a complete hysterectomy??? How do I go about getting other tests done? I don't know if I have IR how do I go about getting a test for IR and does it sound like I do have IR to any of you ladies out there? Sorry for such a long one, but I am trying to get myself well again and I know that you guys have more knowledge than any 'specialist' out there!!! Thanks for listening. :roll:
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