Terrified of getting help

Other long term effects of PCOS

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Terrified of getting help

Postby Amanda-F » Sun May 03, 2015 8:08 pm

This is something I have never done before, I have never spoken about it. I have had symptoms of Pcos for years. From age 14, I am now 22. I have been blessed with a son but it took over a year for us to conceive. My husband, as far as I am aware has no idea about what I am going through. I hide when getting changed, I've never had my top off in front of him. I am terrified of what is going on with my body but I am terrified to go to the doctors and ask for help. I need to do this for myself and family. I have recently been referred for therapy sessions as I'm so anxious all the time, I can never let my guard down. I am convinced I have pcos as I have nearly every symptom, I am finding it so hard to reach out. I can't even speak to my own husband about it, he's been trough a hell of a lot with me but I can't confide, I have kept this secret for so long. School was agony, boyfriends and even clothing! What if the doctor doesn't take me seriously? Lost, scared and needing advice!
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Re: Terrified of getting help

Postby Hols969 » Mon May 04, 2015 2:23 pm

I would list all your symptoms and go to your gp - anxiety and depression is linked to pcos as well. Your husband will know far more than you realise!! PCOS is hereditary and can come down both the male and the female line, so your son may well be a carrier of the gene too (my son is and they are pretty sure my husband has the male version of it - the name is misleading as it is not ovary related at all).

You havent caused this, it is just one of those things so dont feel embarrassed. Ive joined a great Facebook page (its private so none of your friends can see what you post so you can chit chat to other ladies with the condition) so you may want to join that PCOS (Cysters in the UK), its really friendly too and you can say whatever without being embarrassed.

Weight is key with pcos, so cutting out all white carbs and as much sugar as possible as this does help keep the symptoms down as well, often the fatter you are the worse the symptoms are and its pretty difficult to lose weight with pcos as you need to try and keep the motivation going.

You are not alone you know, so many ladies have it now (and actually most dont get much help from their gp unfortunately). I also suffer from anxiety too and its hell but I am on anti depressants that help with anxiety too and feel less anxious most of the time so they really help me so dont feel embarrassed if you need a little helping hand, life is too short to feel anxious all the time and it makes you feel low and want to isolate yourself which can make it all a bit depressing really.
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