PCOS is beating me

Other long term effects of PCOS

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PCOS is beating me

Postby Oh_Em_Gee » Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:40 am

Ok, I'll try and keep this as short as poss. I used to be a long-term member of the TTC club on this forum and after a long, drawn out process, me and DH decided to step away from TTC-ing and embrace a child-free life and eventually I ended up leaving the forum (although I still keep in touch with some of the old TTC gang on Fbook) :D

In terms of my PCOS journey, I started with all the usual symptoms, no periods, acne, excess hair etc. I managed to lose about 3 stone to get my BMI back on track and with it my periods came back and I felt normal again. All has been well for about 3 or 4 years but in the last 6 months, despite still being a healthy weight, my symptoms are suddenly returning.

My periods have stopped with no warning
The skin on my face is thinning, spotty and dry and now prone to angry bouts of dermatitis which I've never suffered with before
My body hair is totally out of control :shock:
My general state of mind is terrible and my memory seems to be failing fast (not sure if that's just me!)
The worst one of all is my once lovely, healthy, golden locks are thinning on the top and sides and I have small bald patches appearing which is beyond devastating.
I'm only 34 and I'm very quickly starting to feel very old.

I'm not on any kind of hormonal birth control or supplements and try to stick to a low-sugar diet so this sudden change is really baffling me. I'm wondering if anyone else has gone from having few symptoms to suddenly having loads, or if you've noticed your symptoms are now harder to manage as you've got older?

My Husband suggested going back on the pill to try and get my hormones back under control but after spending so many years getting all the cr*p out of my system I'm really loathe to do that...but maybe I have no choice?
I think either way I'm going to ask my G.P. for a blood test to see what's going on, and the main thing I want to try and fix is my thinning hair!

Any advice welcome!
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Re: PCOS is beating me

Postby sapphire20 » Mon Apr 27, 2015 5:07 am

Sorry to hear of your struggles. There are many different brands of progesterone only pills your doc might put you on instead. Seemingly they carry less risks than combined-pill and having tried it think it's a lifesaver when you need it most! Also for me when I'm feeling crazy-hormonal is to eat copious amounts of healthy fats like avocado, fish, nuts, eggs!! (& cut out fizzy caffeine drinks) Getting your thyroid & sugar levels checked is important too for the hair thinning issue x
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Re: PCOS is beating me

Postby crazyDiane » Fri Aug 28, 2015 7:09 pm

Hello Dear, did you try Inositol? I heard that its good one for pcos. You can find this one in Inofem, look here: http://www.inofem.pl/pl/. Also at its page you can find some advices about living with pcos, it is very helpful :)
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Re: PCOS is beating me

Postby iron_mum » Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:54 pm

thx you for this link to inofem i checked this test on this site :) i will ask my docs where i can find it :)
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Re: PCOS is beating me

Postby crazyDiane » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:42 am

also you can find good tips for infoem girls: http://www.inofem.pl/en/why-are-appropr ... cos-,10079 for exapmle - great articles about the diet! you should read about that:)
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Re: PCOS is beating me

Postby sherry1 » Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:15 pm

Think it is beating me also. looking back think I have had PCOS sine a teen. I was sort of regular up to 18 and then at 19 missed 3 periods went to docs as thought I must be pregnant , I was not so sent for scan and no sign on ovaries. Cycle irregular seemed to skip 3 months now and again - at 21 went to USA but was worried I would get a period so took my friends pill with me just in case and could use to delay. Did take it for a couple of days whilst out there- on return still irregular and noticed at 23 black hairs on back and under chin and feeling of ovaries pushing out sometimes. went back to docs to say periods where heavy have always lasted 7 days from day 1 - gave me primolut to take couple of days before period due - cut bleeding a little. Relationship I was in ended at 24 and at 28 finally got diagnosed with pcos from a scan. sent to clinic and asked if want bay or not said no so gave me dianette - worked for a while and came down to 85kg from hammering at the gym 3 times a week and having no social life as tired and just used to go to bed after to stop being hungry. came off dianette at 32 as began to worry about fertility and tried metformin and spinalactone together - horrendous spontaneous bleeds, went to doctor said never heard of spinalactone for pcos and stop taking it. metformin did not do great deal so stopped it and have for number of years just took norethiosetrone now and again discharged from clinic when I mentioned fertility and sent to gynae at 35 who talked about clomid but I was not in a relationship- tubes checked and clear but no periods by now weight had crept on to 105kg. met someone at 40 and visited hospital to check again and one consultant gave me norethisterone and clomid 3 courses , did 2 cycles = progestone +1 on day 21, would not give anymore and referred to reproduction centre at another hospital for IVF but told I had to pay as too old. We do not have money and also partner is not too bothered as older and previous partner had miscarried .Centre also said not to drink coffee, and about 10 million rules. told no excuse for no exercise which I agree with but consultant said her day starts at 3am and finishes at 10pm and she fits in exercise, she must be superwoman. I work full time not in a physical job but mentally tiring 9 to 6.30 and agree could do more exercise than I do- try to eat sensible recently cut bread out but not made a difference. also suffered bad anemeia whilst taking norethisterone 7.1 blood count. so now I take it every 4 months as periods don't happen - have not been back to doctors in 12 months. not keen to have merina coil or take progesterone pill but no other choice I guess. get low because I feel detached from society and feel work is about the only normal thing in my life but my confidence lacks there - hate it when people I talk to on the phone come in and see me.
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