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inept doctor

PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 6:41 pm
by ShadyLady
hi guys its been a while since I posted but here goes

couple of months ago I went to the docs to see about seeing and endocrinologist, I used to see one but I moved and then I wasn't referred to the new hospital which was 4 years ago and I should of been referred.

anyway I went to the docs a couple of months ago cos my hormones are getting worse, I sometimes feel suicidal sometimes I cant control this and don't trust myself I wont do anything stupid this happens when its time of the month, and also im having muscle weakness, and I think ive got arthritis, I know pcos can cause that so im going through a bad time physically and mentally with my pcos, the doctor says that they don't monitor pcos at all which I know is a load of rubbish, can anyone give me some advice please, I would be truly grateful thanks and merry Christmas to you all :P