Pain - initially thought it was appendicitis

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Pain - initially thought it was appendicitis

Postby jodieemily » Wed Mar 26, 2014 5:31 pm

So this weekend i was admitted to hospital with right lower abdo pain, the doctors initially said they thought it was appendicitis, then maybe gall stones but they wouldnt rule out any female problems, one of the doctors even said that blood from my recent period could have travelled back up rather than out! never heard of that before!
after an ultrasound they found cysts on my ovaries "findings in keeping with PCOS", they discharged me the next day with paracetamol and codeine and said to go to my GP if i have any menstrual problems! obviously if theres a chance i have PCOS im not gonna just wait and see how my periods are!

I've looked into PCOS and had my bloods checked all as advised by my GP. I cant seem to find anywhere that states there is this type of pain.
basically it started as a stitch type feeling about a week ago, after putting up with it for 5 days it got worse and i went to a walk in centre who said i had a "grumbly appendix" and to go to A&E if the pain got worse! which it did - to the point where i was crying and calling out at the slightest movement and couldnt lay flat either! whilst in hospital the pain was a sharp stabbing feeling not even morphine helped get rid of it fully it was always there when i moved or was in certain positions. the day i was discharged and at present the pain is more of a tight/dull sensation. i'm taking my paracetamol & codeine as prescribed but i never get any relief I have currently got a weird bloated/stabbing pain in my upper middle abdo below my ribs, I have had this pain a few times before so not sure if its related or not but its driving me mad!
has anyone else had pain like this with PCOS?

As im new to this and waiting on my hormone level results i've got so much going through my mind! i have always struggled with my weight and found the only way i could lose weight in the past was with drastic measures! i've currently lost just over half a stone by sticking to 1400 cals a day! i have bad acne and i suffer from depression and mood swings, my periods vary from 4-6 weeks between each cycle and last year i went over 2 months without one so a lot is suggesting i have PCOS!
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Re: Pain - initially thought it was appendicitis

Postby Hols969 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 1:50 pm

The two things I would google is endometreosis and ibs. Keep going back to your gp if things are not helping/clearing up as I do think they sometimes give the easiest answer without delving deep enough. I have had blocked ears following the flu since December and have been fobbed off by gps with them saying it will improve when the weather gets better - I've basically felt ill now for 3 months so I went and saw an ENT specialist privately and he has diagnosed a chronic sinus infection that will take 3 months of antibiotics to clear it, so keep pestering your gp as you shouldn't have pain like that. Good luck
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Re: Pain - initially thought it was appendicitis

Postby AmberJS » Fri Jun 27, 2014 9:40 pm

I have pcos but also have other cysts on the ovaries which are different and give the pain you are describing every month since graving a coil fitted... What I would say is keep on at docs for answers until you are happy with replies and explanations as we only get one body and life. Good luck and try not to worry as the other cysts are better than pcos just blooming painful! X
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Re: Pain - initially thought it was appendicitis

Postby Emzie » Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:06 pm

Just been diagnosed with PCOS funnily enough mistaken for appendicitis! Is this a common occurence? Gps are shocking and definitely need more training on PCOS as they are unsupportive and don't have a clue about PCOS. Only found a small handful of Gps to be helpful!
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