Help! PCOS symptoms or am I just losing my mind ?!

Other long term effects of PCOS

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Help! PCOS symptoms or am I just losing my mind ?!

Postby Pixigirl » Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:51 pm

I've finally cracked and joined a forum . Desperate for some other opinions and some advice !!
After going eyes without a period, hounding doctors and feeling like I was going mental I finally caved and went private .
I def have PCOS , no cysts yet but a 'bulky right overy' and I can't specifically remember the details on my bloods but they were rating from much higher then norm to much lower then they should be .
This is a run down of various things from the average week but I'm not sure which of this is actually the pcos and which isn't ?
I wake up nearly every morning with pain on my right side ( this has gotten worse over the last few weeks and it now isn't just mornings ) .
I have that much hair I feel like the bearded lady and constantly have tweezers with me for emergencies !
I have a horrible sleep pattern , I can end up havin maybe two hours a night ? I'm really active during the day so should sleep well, but even when I have a decent nights sleep it doesn't last long .
I feel exausted late afternoon most days , to the point I'm praying for a siesta even if I'm had a decent amount of sleep the night before .
I do not have periods unless I'm on the pill they put me on ' to hopefully stop cysts developing'
I go through stages of having extreme nausea , think crazy morning sickness but all the time .
I'm not overweight at all but of the last few weeks my stomach bloats more then normal and goes rock hard and is painful .
I have mood swings so bad I have actual given a nickname to the moody , hormonal version of me so my friends , family and partner don't think I actually hate them or I'm crying because of something they have done (usually I'm crying because of a sad advert or for no reason at all , which makes me cry more !
It sounds like nothing and I'm sorry to be 'me,me,me' ish but I'm just hoping I'm not the only person cracking up ?!
I'm 28 and it's just seems there's isn't a day that goes by without me feeling sick,dizzy,crazy or in pain and the feedback getting is that there's nothing they can do for me , not to bother trying to have kids without metformin and that they won't give me anything like that until I want kids .
I'm so , so fed up at the moment .
Please any words of wisdom , encouragement or just a plain 'pull yourself together woman ' would be so much appreciated because if I have to hear how victoria beck has it or my mates , mates sister has it and they don't have any symptoms and a tribe of children for much longer I think I'll go more insane then I currently feel !!!
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Re: Help! PCOS symptoms or am I just losing my mind ?!

Postby Hols969 » Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:12 am

Pain is not a symptom of pcos but is for endometriosis so I would get that looked at. I would also look at your diet to see if anything is triggering it off, I had terrible bloating but I know what sets it off now and if I eat little and often it doesn't seem to be an issue. The pill does help me with moods, I take 2 months on the trot (try 3 if you can as this may help control them better and is was endocrinologist tend to advise). Also make sure you exercise as well as this can help further plus reduce any issues with insulin resistance. You aren't mad at all, not having a good gp doesn't help!!
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