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no birth control works please help http://forum.verity-pcos.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:57 am
by tlcpcos
hiya girls im 20 have pcos and endo
i am struggling to find a birth control that works they all make me bleed i have tryed pritty much everything
the coil x 3
the implant x2
the depo made me gain to much weight
the pills all made me bleed
the vaginal ring gave me horrible pelvic pain
i have also been on decopeptly for 9 months and i even had some bleeding during that
please if anyone has any advice please tell me i will be very greatfull i feel like i am going crazy and my body hates me
my partner is also struggling with it
thanks in advance
tia :x

Re: no birth control works please help http://forum.verity-p

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:17 pm
by Meringoo
I have PCOS and endo as well. I was on decapeptyl but didn't bleed on it. I found after years of being on various combined pills, I was in loads of pain and getting lots of episodes of bleeding. The only thing I have found remotely helpful (albeit the third time I have tried it) is Cerazette progestogen-only pill. I am one of the lucky 20% (so far - I have been on it 10 months to not have ANY bleeding after the initial 2 months). You can take Cerazette alongside the Mirena IUS (under supervision), or add another progestogen on top of Cerazette to help prevent bleeding. A gynaecologist can advise. Some women take two Cerazette tablets a day and find that helpful for endo. I have found just the one to be effective.

Also, you may need you womb looking at (ultrasound scan) because you might have too thick a lining, which can be burnt off in a "minor" procedure.

Have you tried the Mirena IUS? A hormone-free IUD won't do anything good for endo or PCOS.

What are your endo and PCOS symptoms? The bleeding could be due to adenomyosis (like endo inside the womb, not on the outside).

M xx

Re: no birth control works please help http://forum.verity-p

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:30 pm
by tlcpcos
hiya yes i have adenomyosis cerazette made me bleed as all other controception

Re: no birth control works please help http://forum.verity-p

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:36 pm
by Meringoo
You're probably going to need a combination of hormone tablets to keep it under control. It is awful, I do know what you're going through. They thought I had adeno as well but apparently nothing showed on the US scan.

I have been offered the Mirena plus combined pill/Mirena plus Medroxyprogesterone or norethisterone tablets, but I got lucky with Cerazette. Have you been offered these ways to manage it? Have you tried the Mirena?

Have you tried doubling the combined pill (best pills have a more androgenic progestogen, sadly for PCOS...such as microgynon, norimin, Loestrin 30)??


Re: no birth control works please help http://forum.verity-p

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:56 pm
by tlcpcos
No I have not been suggested any of these
I have had the marina 3 times once wen I was on the depo but they think its coz my womb Is small that it don't like anythink in there x

Re: no birth control works please help http://forum.verity-p

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:46 pm
by Meringoo
I have a tilted womb, and haven't had children so it is still small. Once had a regular IUD and found it very uncomfortable so had it removed.

You have to really push for help with endo, more than with PCOS in my experience. But there are combinations of hormonal meds that can help.

Re: no birth control works please help http://forum.verity-p

PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:54 pm
by _Becky_Boo
Hi I am new to the Discussion Board, I have been diagnosed with PCOS since 2003, I am looking for a little bit of relevant advice and support from you lovely ladies - hoping to find someone out there who gets what I've been through. Getting the right support is hard to come by! :( I am now 33, and was diagnosed with Adenomyosis in Feb 2012, after numerous investigations, tranvaginal and abdominal scans initially it was always put down as 'unexplained Menorrhagia' prolonged heavy bleeding, they failed to find the cause until I haemorrhaged and had an emergency scan while it was happening. I have gone from having no periods, anovulation to bleeding consistently non stop since 2010 for two years, and again have been struggling to get the bleeding under control since August 2012.

I am an extremely lucky mummy to 4 children, eldest boy 8yrs, B&G twins 4yrs which both pregnancies required fertility treatment and before diagnosis of the adenomyosis -against ridiculous odds I caught pregnant naturally and gave birth to a healthy baby boy now was a very worrying time needing lots of monitoring, twice weekly growth scans, to have caught whilst I was on all these medications to control the bleeding! (He's my little miracle baby) and to have caught in such small window of just a 2 day break from the bleeding! After bleeding for 2 yrs straight! I bled throughout the whole pregnancy, I was just happy to make it to full term, and needed induction at 37 weeks after a massive bleed. I have dealt with haemorrhaging, last one one post partumn haemorrhage,. I have had lots trials of different medications and dosages over the years of Mefenamic Acid Tablets, Tranexamic Acid, and both of these took together. In addition to theses i've had Norethisterone, Provera-Medroxyprogesterone Acetate, all of the above medications taken together to no effect. I had the Mirena coil fitted in Jan 2011 after 6 months it was finally deemed ineffective and was removed because the bleeding persisted in fact completely unmanageable and it caused a whole lot of other issues, it did not address the pain or bleeding problem, and I struggled with it emotionally. It nearly cost me my marriage. I was put on microgynon when I was 14 to manage periods, over the years I have tried the mini pill, particularly Loestrin 30 which contains norethisterone to help with the PCOS which only caused me to have large ovarian cysts.

I've been on Prostap injections June 2013 to put me into an artificial menopause for 8 months which worked for a good while but then became ineffective as time went on. I have had hysteroscopy and D&C's and I'm now scheduled to have a total hysterectomy in April but my consultant is quite clearly a mirena coil advocate, and has since put a spanner in the works....again she is suggesting doing an uterine ablation but means also having to put the mirena back in despite the problems it has caused before...obviously I declined.. I then feel my consultant is clutching at straws, she has really made me doubt opting for this hysterectomy that is less than a month away, and she is now suggesting I try the contraceptive pill Cerazette, and believes it to have 'reduced risk' of ovarian cysts...'but there are no guarantees' she said... wouldn't that just be masking the symptoms, buying her time, money saving tactics? I'm really upset that I was never given this option to try before have gone through all the pre op assessments! I'm at a complete loss with what to do now, my mind was set and geared up for the hysterectomy, it wasn't a decision I took lightly, especially as I have completed my family...Has anyone tried Cerazette to control the symptoms of Adenomyosis? Do I jeopardize my op to try Cerazette? Has it worked for anyone who has adenomyisis, does it address not only the bleeding issue, but the debilitating pain that comes with it? I'm tired of feeling groggy on strong painkillers all the time. I'm tired of living with hot water bottles strapped to me. It's controlled me, my life, limits everything in it and it's been soul destroying for me and my husband, our sex life is non existent, it's been nearly 5 yrs since the initial problems started. I have tried to just cope and deal with it, to avoid going down the invasive surgical route but feeling terrified of making the wrong decision, trapped and doubting consultant has really put the fear in me! :(