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Other long term effects of PCOS

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help understanding

Postby nightworlangel » Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:55 pm


I was diagnosed with PCOS six years ago when I was sixteen because I was having irregular periods I got my first one when I was twelve but had nothing for quite a while. After visiting many doctors and a series of blood tests it was suspected that I had PCOS. The doctor who told me that said the only way to find out was for definite was to have some scans done an external (ultrasound) or an internal one but because I was only sixteen I had to have permission for my parents to have it done and they said no. so I left it until I was eighteen when I didn’t need my parents’ permission for scans doing. I went back to the doctors and booked the scan a week after my eighteenth birthday and it was confirmed that I had PCOS as on the ultrasound my ovaries were enlarged. I went back to the doctors and was told that there was no treatment for it and told me to lose weight which would help but it didn’t work every time I tried to lose weight I kept putting it on. I tried to lose weight for two year but nothing worked then my sister spoke to a doctor where she worked who knew more about PCOS and they recommended vaniqa cream and Dianette. I took the Dianette for two years and I stopped taking it last year because I noticed while it was helping to regulate my periods it was making them too regular I would get a period at the beginning to the month and at the end of the month so I was having two periods a month instead of one. Since I have stopped taking Dianette I have noticed that symptoms of PCOS that I have are getting worst: excess hair growth (arms, face, legs, stomach, back(starts growing back within one week with shaving, two week with veet creams)), irregular periods (not had one since last year when stopped taking pill (my own fault).

The reason I have wrote all of this I because I have no one who understand what living with PCOS I like so I would like to talk to people who understand what it like living with it and to see if they can help me live with it better that how I am thank you in advance

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Postby Cloudyrain » Sun Dec 18, 2011 2:52 pm

Honey you need to go back to your GP and get back on the pills. Every woman on the pill gets periods like this, that's how it is designed. Sometimes with a 28 day cycle you will get a period at the start and end of the same month, it doesn't mean you have more than one period a month, it's just the way the dates fall. If you have very heavy or painful periods you can consult with your Dr about taking back-to-back pills, but as you haven't mentioned that then I would have thought that's not a problem.

The pill is a very effective way of managing symptoms of PCOS and if it's a toss up between having a regular cycle and having to de-fluff my face I know which one I would choose!

Your other option is changing your diet and taking supplements, but that isn't guaranteed to help (I'm skinny, have a good diet, take supplements, but still have the PCOS problems).

Go and talk to your GP and have a good think about what is worse xxx
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Postby kate s » Sun Dec 18, 2011 3:09 pm

You really should also have at a minimum 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy. That is something you must see your gp about, they can give you tablets to induce a bleed or from the sound of it a better option would be to go back on the pill. That way you can control your other symptoms and by taking pill packets back to back (some woman on here take three consecutively then have a break to ensure the required number of bleeds per year) you can ensure the health of your uterus as well. It will also mean that your body is more 'normal' if you get to the stage where you want to ttc. Weight wise generally low carb, low GI is the why to go and definately get rid of all white complex carbs out of your diet. Exercising and increasing your lean muscle mass can also be of benenfit as that will increase your metabolic rate (we generally tend to be more 'sluggish'). Hope that helps. xx
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