Clamidea anti bodies on blood test please help

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Clamidea anti bodies on blood test please help

Postby Usma27 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:39 am

Hi guys I'm really worried went to fertility consultant who told me that I have clamidea anti bodies shown on a blood test although I have been tested by a swab that and that was negative he says he wants to do a laroscopy to see that state of my tubes and whether I have tubal damage I don't think my dh understood what he meant by clamidea anti bodies but I'm really scared that if the consultant discusses this further my husband will go mad as due to cultural reasons he will not appreciate me being active before I married him I don't know what to do can I still go for IVF if I have tubal damage
Has anyone been in this situation and not had tubal damage
Can I ask the consultant to not disclose any issues of clamidea with me infront of my husband as I don't have it I mean I don't understand I have had a number of swab tests and they have always been negative so I've never thought I could have it.
Can I still have IVF and if so without having to go for a laroscopy Im really sorry about all these questions but this could end my marriage
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Postby mndyheart » Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:06 am

Although i haven't been in this exact situation in my life, I've heard that it is possible not to have tubal damage, when this occur.
Don't loose hope, thing will be alright. I'm sure your husband will understand ! :)
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Postby Cloudyrain » Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:09 pm

Sometimes with chlamydia you can swab clear because you had it and then got rid of it by taking antibiotics for something else so never knew.

You can go to see the consultant without you husband and explain the situation. You can easily explain to your husband that you are just going for another blood test/scan and he doesn't need to be there for that. However, how do you know it wasn't your husband who gave it you?

With regards to tubal damage, this is often dealt with by removal of the tubes before ivf. If they suspect tubal damage they really need to check as bad tubes can cause ivf to fail so there isn't any point in doing the ivf if they aren't sure. It's common practice for women to have a lap before ivf, though not done all the time, as it can check for things like endometriosis - so again you don't have to mention the chlamydia to your husband, you can just explain it's standard procedure.

Take care x
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