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Stomach pain, active pill, am I pregnant??can I ever get pre

PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:26 pm
by Emilie2205
HiI'm new to all this although I was diagnosed about four years ago with pcos I had an ultrasound and was told I had NO cysts but have the condition??I have had many problems I'n this time propably the worst being the facial hair I have been to the drs many of times regarding this unfortunately there is nothing available on the nhs for this! Also been told I have a mild form of alopecia but using regaine for men boosted my hair growth massively so ) now to the real problem I'm currently taking metformin twice a day and finasteride once a day also went on the contraceptive pill to balance my hormones, that went horribly wrong and ended up being I'n hospital with constant bleeding ( like a prolonged period) and excruciating pain so was put on two different medications for a couple of weeks all subsided and was told to give the pill a break and then restart after a month so did as told, during this time I have had unprotected sex and am now worried. I went back on the pill last week and as a result of this I have had extremely bad pain I'n lower abdomen, headaches feeling sick, lower back pain and get this is the weird bit bad heartburn and a twitching belly button, my tummy is also very tight and bloated , also I'n the last three months I've had really bad pains during sex and seems to enduce a period but I only bleed for about two days?? Even of on active pill I don't understand!Im really worried as I'm only twenty and no one seems to able to offer me the advice I'm needing I just need some guidance and help with all this.. Has anyone else had this prob and if so whT does this mean, I keep going back to the dr but they don't seem to know or dare I say it care what is going on please help me )[/img]

PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:43 pm
by Hols969
Have you been checked for endometreosis as well? Pain is not associated with pcos (the cysts are only a symptom of pcos and not the cause - misleading name, whoever decided on it should be shot!!)

What pill have you been prescribed? Did you go back on the pill once you had your period or did you start it prior to a bleed?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:37 pm
by Emilie2205
I was put on microgynon and have now restarted microgynon after a bleed! I don't know why this keeps happening I have all the pain as before just without the bleed but this time feels 'different' , wen I was In hospital they did all the checks said maybe ectopic pregnancy hence the negative test result but wasn't pregnant I'm at a wits end no one or anything seems to be able to help me!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:39 pm
by Emilie2205
Also no I haven't been checked for endrometreosis

PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:07 pm
by Hols969
I dont believe this is a great pill from a pcos point of view - look at the medication forum as one of our ladies has done loads of research into which pill is good for pcos ladies. I would ask to be checked for endo as well as lots of ladies on here have both and the pain sounds more like that. Are you up to date with your smear tests as well?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:21 pm
by Emilie2205
Ok great thanks for the help I shall repost I'n the other forum and I have never had a smear test?! Should I?!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:34 pm
by Hols969
Definately, especially if you are having sex. You ought to ask for one. It would rule out anything else as well.