Other long term effects of PCOS

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Postby Aprilr » Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:43 pm

Hi! I recently posted re: whther anyone had had a bad experience with herbal but no replies so it doesn't seem anyone has! Probably only me! Still whether it's a result of that or not I don't know, but the main issue for me at the moment is I have very bad bloating(I don't know whether this can be to do with pcos?) and bad skin,not quite acne but lots of very red spots on my face which can be quite itchy. I haven't had a cycle for about 5 months now either. I look about 5 months pregnant when I'm not & someone actually asked me when I was due!!I have some varicose veins that are beginning to appear and mood swings are terrible. Toilet irregularity als very bad. I think it may be IBS ??Can someone please tell me whether or not this sounds familiar in someone with PCOS and if there is a treatment for these that anyone is aware of?? as I am due to RELUCTANTLY go to the doc's next week and am concerned I am going to get fobbed off or told it's something else when it's not etc...ANY INFO WILL HELP PLS VERY depressed, feel v. unhealthy :(
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Postby Hols969 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 7:30 am

Being on the pill can control the symptoms of pcos including spots which may help. If you have recently started taking herbal and have got all these extra symptoms then I would come off whatever it is you are taking as they dont sound as if they agree with you.

I have cut out most wheat and anything with yeast in it and this has reduced my bloating massively, I do still bloat (if Im hungry or sat at my desk too long) but generally removing wheat and yeast from my diet has helped massively.
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