oh my goodness, the pain...

Other long term effects of PCOS

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oh my goodness, the pain...

Postby EmptyInside » Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:00 pm

I have such a high pain threshold and i'm not one to ever mention it or complain to anyone in my life, not that i really have many people lol.

But i just *know* with all the 'hints' etc that pain is NOT caused by PCOS. Bollox is my answer.

In the process of a dx.

But im in so much pain i dont know what to do with myself :(

Like i have been punched (my someone wearing a good deal of rings!) on my back (lower right) and stabbed and having my insides peeled out with a vegetable peeling knife in the area of both ovaries.

I can barely raise my right leg as the pain from both the the front and back is so intense. And yet i cant get doctors appt for 3 weeks :(

The pain is so bad that i know its not A&E worthy but cant get a GP appointment and they do sod all when they go. I dont have any decent pain killers left and no one seems to care or appreciate how much im hurting.

I dont know how long my liver will stand the only painkiller i can legally use that works. AAn unhealthy dose of vodka when it gets real bad :(

And im not someone who cares to be anything other than in complete control of me and my life, but the pain means i cant work well, im going to lose me job. I broke up with my ex. My parents and i dont get on but im stuck here...

Its ruining my life....
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Postby Meringoo » Sat Jul 16, 2011 4:38 pm

It is worthy of a trip to A&e if only so that when you see a doctor, you can point out how much you are suffering. You could also see a GP at an NHS drop in clinic. Or, you could ask for an emergency appointment at your own GP surgery. These are available in cases such as yours. I would definitely question what is causing the pain to be so intense. They will probably want to check you for an STI and may mention the possibility of endometriosis, which I have and your descriptions of the pain reminded me of quite a few unbearable occasions.

I hope you find some relief soon. Don't be afraid to push harder for appintments, and go to A&E in the meantime! People go in there for less problematic issues, believe me! xx
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Postby EmptyInside » Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:54 pm

Terrified of going to AE after last time, injected me with Cyclazine until i was hallucinating and couldnt talk, i kept trying to say it still hurt but they couldnt understand and sent me home. :roll:

Have to say i have lost all faith in the health service.

Mind you... just seems to be such a neverending list of problems with me, none of them adding up to anything specific which is typical me :p

Im still in a fair amount of pain but im not so hysterical tonight, last night was awful, i hate being alone, i cant make myself ask for help, never have since i was little.

Im looking forward to monday, will call and get my results, I have enlarged ovaries (could barely cope with the details the sonographer was giving me! :roll: ) and high testosterone and others in my bloodwork, now i have to go back to my doctor to get combined results...

Wonder what it culd be eh! Especially as its going to be the secretary giving me the results or the more favourable 'we cant give your results over the phone so you need an appointment' answer.

Then im going right down the hill and signing back u with my old doctors as they can give appointments within 24-48 hours generally!

That said... i swear it feels like my ovaries are going to bust or something *sighs*

:oops: now just got to deal with how shamed i am at writing out as much personal info as i did in my posts last night! Was all or nothing really!

Thank you all, i feel less panicked at least!
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Postby Meringoo » Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:18 am

Aww bless you. I have had my share of awful treatment on the NHS, but some quite good as well.It seems to be the luck of the draw...

Enlarged ovaries plus the high testosterone sound very PCOS-related. I remember mine feeling like they were going to burst or as though they were on fire. As I started to take the pill, and had more regular bleeds whilst ovulation was suppressed, I felt a real improvement.

By the way, if you have a problem with something that has happened while at hospital, you should call PALS. Click on the town/city you were treatedin and you will get the telephone number. http://www.pals.nhs.uk/officemapsearch.aspx

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