chronic thrush

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chronic thrush

Postby nettle » Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:45 pm

hi im new here but have been diagnosed with pcos some a few years back well i was told im borderline. like that helps :-( well any ways i struggle with my weight and have excess hair on my chin and a few other places. but recently ive started suffering from thrush i went back and forth to docs and had pessaries and oral thrush cream as i had a sore mouth too this started first week of november last year i was just coming off of my period i firstly put it down to a new type of sanitary towel i was using, have since changed that. but i carried on till i had enough in january and went off to the gum clinic as i was starting to beleive it may be something else. i had swabs etc and was told it was thrush and given a oral capsule and some cream and told if no better in a week go to see the gum doctor. my result were negative and i went off to see the doc who said i had chronic thrush he tested me for diabetes which was also negative, so im like why he said in woman with pcos its more common but he didnt know why, ive now been taking a oral capsule once every two weeks till i see him again in march. its really started to get me down the whole of january i did the candida diet with no great results doc said it wasnt a diet that would work any ways. i wash all my underwear separatley to main clothes on a hot wash. im popping probiotics and ive tried raw garlic aloe vera you name it i was willing to give it a go but now i just feel like rubbish so ive eaten some chocolate tonight. may not help but then again nothing else ive tried has helped. anyone in a similar situation got any ideas what i can do to just have a few days with out the burn would be lush. any ideas on what laundry powder to try i currently use an earth friendly organic one which is suppose to be all kind to skin but you never know. ive been given epaderm to wash with by doc so that isnt a problem but im not sure thats helping either. im really at the end of my tether. any advice would be great many thanks
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Postby blackcat » Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:26 pm

I used to get this and I have a natural organic yeo valley yoghurt every morning for breakfast and find it really helps....
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Postby Sammi » Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:32 pm

Sounds like you are doing all the right things. Keep with the slecial wash for now and in the future make sure you only wash with non-perfumed soap or gel like simple or femfresh (I hate that name!) sensitive. Also don't talc your bits.

My mum had a hard time whe she was on long term antibiotics after surgery. She found that bio yoghurt helped but you can also get these gels sachets for your 'bits.' They help re-balance all the bacteria inside your lady bits. You actually always have yeast/candida living in your lady bit but it's only when it has the opportunity to overgrow it becomes a problem and causes thrush. There is lots of good bacteria inside your lady bits which compete for space and nutrients and actively prevent candida from growing too fast. If your lady bits have lost some of it's good bacteria by over washing, antibiotics etc you can get these gel sachets specially designed to boost the growth of the good bacteria. Once the levels are back in balance
you will find the candida starts to die and you will get back to normal.

I don't like to assume, but if you are having sex, make sure your partner isn't re-infecting you each time. Men often have less symptoms than girls or don't even believe they get thrush!

If neither of these help. Then recurrent thrush infections can actually be a sign of a problem with your immune system. It becomes over active and causes all sorts of problems, and thrush is an early symptom. This is even more likely if you already have eczema or hayfever (for some reason!).

Basically, you cant cure thrush without combating the cause. There is ALWAYS a cause, but as it quickly clears up they never identify the cause. However, what ever is causing your thrush is STILL causing it. Hope that helps a bit and you get things sorted soon x
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