Just started 3rd period in less than 6 weeks!

Other long term effects of PCOS

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Just started 3rd period in less than 6 weeks!

Postby Belladonna74 » Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:44 pm

Hi folks,

This is really concerning me. My periods are usually very long and very heavy, but they're normally very far apart, too (2 months between isn't unusual for me). However, I began one on the 15th of last month (I think - wish I'd thought to take note of the date now!) which sort of dried up on Boxing Day.

Started another just 3 days later, which DID NOT finish until the 13th (again date is approximate) of this month (it did become (relatively!) lighter, but I was still having to 'pad-up' rather than use liners).

This morning, however, I found I'd begun yet another, and I've already had to change pads (I'm using 'nights' as per usual!) 3 times today!

I have NEVER experienced anything like this - so am I right to be concerned...?

Problem is, I have another condition (Asperger's - think I've mentioned that before) which is preventing me from accessing a GP (VERY long story - I posted about it in this forum at the beginning of the month, but that post still has no replies.)

What do I do now...? What causes 3 eggs to be released in such quick succession (it's even more of a surprise because I only have one ovary; had the right one removed in 2005 due to watermelon :shock: sized cyst!

Feeling VERY scared now...

Hugs all,

Sarah xxx
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