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Bloated, distended, abdomen, sore ribs - and swollen boobs!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:06 am
by Annagramma

I first noticed these symptoms just before Christmas, but they weren't too severe, and I was able to get through Christmas (as best someone with an ASD can).

My belly is swollen distended and painful - even when gently pressed (it also feels hard, and I feel like I permanently want to poo - but I don't have any problems in that dept anymore - not since I quit eating grainy carbs - I used to have quite severe IBS before I did that). The pain is worse on the left side (and it's all down my left side - from my left boob (which is the bigger one anyway) down my ribs to the left side of my abdomen (which does, now I think about it) look slightly more distended than the right - the pain also continues across my back (though I do not believe I have cystitis, or a UTI, because I take cranberry caps religiously - as whether cystitis can be hereditary or not, most of the women in my family appear to suffer from it).

I also have slight tingling sensations in my arms - particularly my left which are worsened by wearing a bra (I can't even wear my TOTM bra - an ancient Triumph sports thing, which has lost most of its support, but I keep for when they're particularly tender - as even that's FAR TOO TIGHT!!)

Before anyone says it, I have most certainly NOT gained (fat) weight; just before Xmas I weighed in at just over 8st - which is probably a little on the light side for my 5' 4" frame - on the same scales, this morning, I was 9st 7! That 21lb has had to have come from somewhere! I eat a very healthy diet, plenty of fruit, veggies, meat and fish. I have ditched all cow dairy, as I found that it, too, was worsening my IBS; since switching to goats' products, I have had no problems (another 'side-effect' is that it's helped to clear up my acute psoriasis).

I should mention that my dad's mum died of ovarian cancer nearly 7 years ago, but I didn't think having a grandmother who contracted it was a close enough relative to raise the chances of a granddaughter also developing the disease - I always thought the relationship had to be closer (i.e. mum, aunt or sister).

Now here's the rub: - I do not have access to a GP because the PCT won't allow it (yes I know everyone should do by law, but I've been treated like crap by every GP round here I've seen; you'd have thought that doctors - of all people - would have knowledge and understanding of Asperger's, but it would appear not!)

I had a similar - though FAR less severe - 'bout' of whatever this is and the (male) doctor I saw then (I think that was back in June last year) was very rude, dismissive and told me to go to H&B and buy some cranberry caps (despite the fact I'd told him I took them already and had no symptoms of cystitis!) That surgery refuses to take me as a patient because I reported the senior partner to the PCT because I found her manner to be overly aggressive and hostile. She, apparently, told the PCT that I'd attempted to assault her! Now, I don't know what any of you know about AS, but we are NOT violent - at least not physically; we may be a little 'handy' with the verbals - but only if we're backed into a corner and we feel threatened.

Sitting up (as, obviously, I have to to type this - I don't have a laptop, unfortunately) is worse than lying down (and placing a hot water bottle on my tum also helps to alleviate things slightly - but I've had to dig out my old size 10/12 trackky bums - anything smaller presses on my stomach and causes too much pain (I'm usually a 6 on my bottom and a 4-6 on my top). Really good look, wearing joggers 3 sizes too big, tied round your waist with a dressing gown cord, I don't think!

You see all these stupid diets which scream "Drop 3 dress sizes in a month!!!!" - well somehow, I've managed to gain 3 in about 10 days!

I'm back in Gerrards Cross at my folks at the moment, unfortunately - this sh*thole can't even lay claim to a walk-in centre; if I was still in Liverpool, no problem - there's one just round the corner from Lime Street. To get to the nearest involves walking into GX (probably take me about 30 minutes the state I'm in) taking the train to High Wycombe, and then walking from the station to Wycombe General.

My parents are away at the moment, so I'm here on my own. I have no clothes I can wear, either; I gave away anything bigger than about an 8 yonks ago (I just so happened to find these ancient grey things lurking in the back of the wardrobe - but they're a one-off)

Right, I'm going to attempt to get some sleep if I can! Thank you for any help and/or advice.


Sarah xxx