Useless GP!

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Useless GP!

Postby Kirky » Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:06 pm

Just need a moan....
Been suffering with daily headaches and 'dizzy' spells (few seconds of falling sensation), couldnt get appointment with my own GP so saw another who I have seen before and don't particularly like. He told me I was having migraines (which I'm not, it's a female trait in my family to have migraines - flashing lights, vomiting etc). I'm also tired all the time no matter how much sleep i get. I also wake at least twice in the night. The GP sent me away with co-codomol. He also looked at me and because I am not 'obese' (as he put it) does not believe I 'officially' have PCOS (despite the fact you can be of healthy weight yet still have PCOS considering it can be hereditary)...considering I have had blood tests and scans with a gynaecologist I think I'll take my gynaecologist's diagnosis!
Why's it always so hard to get treated properly for things?! I know my medical notes must portray me to be a hypercondriac due to the amount of times I have to go - pill check, ibs, ear infections, headaches - but surely I shouldn't just be fobbed off with co-codomol??
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Postby wolfygirl » Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:23 am

Hi Kirky,

I felt like that for months and months. I would go to your GP and ask them to do a full set of bloods just to make sure you are not anaemic. It took 6 different dr's 6 months to find out what was wrong with me as they put everything down to my PCOS.
Ask them to check HB, b12, ferratin and folate levels... just be prepared to fight with them to get the tests done. I had too.
Hope this helps and good luck

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Postby Kirky » Mon Nov 22, 2010 2:12 pm

Thank you, I will try that. I just feel like they must roll their eyes when I'm coming in and think I'm a hypercondriac! X
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