are pcos and premature menopause related?

Other long term effects of PCOS

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are pcos and premature menopause related?

Postby dee999 » Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:01 pm

just out of curiosity i bought 2 home test menopause kits- i did the first test on the 2nd day of my period and the second test a week later-both tests were positive and indicate that i am peri-menopausal.
i am 38yrs old and been diagnosed with pcos for 10 years,i have no kids-my periods are pretty regular, though some months they are much lighter than others.
i am however, always tired, moody and have weight gain (despite regular exercise)
i am wondering if having pcos has given a false result, since pcos involves elevated levels of FSH and the home testing kits test FSH levels?
anyone have any ideas? :)
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Postby Topaz » Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:33 pm

I bought some of those some years back, well before I was diagnosed, in a desperate effort to work out what was wrong with me.

I was very peeved when they told me I wasn't! :lol:

I'd expect they would have skewed results though, as they're designed to work on a standard female population, which we are not.
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