huge boil!!!!

Other long term effects of PCOS

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Postby c4therine » Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:12 pm

i'm not ttc... i daren't start to be honest! I'm heavily overweight and just managed to get my HS under control by being on Dianette (catch 22 situation or what!?!?) and other health issues under control - it's probably just a huge fear I have of ttc at the moment due to a really bad experience with a gyne consultant who was sooooo rude about me being overweight. I've got to get my head around the excess cuddly stuff I have and then on to phase 2.... ttc.
I love this forum... it gives me hope :)
all the best for you ttc :) xx
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Postby sweetcheeksbrid » Thu Apr 01, 2010 5:13 pm

thanks hun, to be honest i have just learned to cope with hs, it gets me down from time to time but i know i have it for rest of my life so just get on with it now.
thats shocking to hear about that gynae been rude to u u can always ask to see a different one hun. im hugely overweight too i now weigh 17stone thanks to pcos :( my gynae was quite nice but dreading my next appointment 19th april as im worried he will tell me to lose weight before i get my drugs, only bit of hope is my last cycle was 36 days rather than my usual 3-4 months so hoping its sorting itself out.
i totally understand the whole coming off dianette, i was on dianette for hs and when i came off it to conceive my second child it flared up quite back-luckily i was suffering from pcos then and it only took 6 months ttc, through pregnancy hs seemed to be fine-must be something to do with hormones ey!! u have to do whats best for u hun and im always here now to chat to, fingers crossed we both get results we want xx
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Postby lmacgirl87 » Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:35 am


I know I am late to this post but thought I would share my experience. I was diagnosed with PCOS a few days ago, however, 2 years ago, nearly to the day I went into hospital for emergency surgery.

I had a large boil in my 'lady parts' and it was too large to do anything but surgery. I went in for surgery to lance and drain it. I then had to have it packed daily for the next 6 weeks, I was off work for 6 weeks. I had the operation on my 21st birthday, not what you want! Now, 2 years later I have finally been diagnosed with PCOS and my doctor has told me to be careful as I will probably experience more of these!

I would urge anyone to get themselves down to a docs and see what they can do. I know some GPs aren't helpful but at least it is then recorded in your notes!

Good luck,
Laura xx
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Postby Isolate. » Wed Nov 03, 2010 1:10 am

Nice tips ladies.... I also get random (painful) boils.
Now I will try to take some action. :)
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Re: i have a solution!!

Postby GillyRose » Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:20 pm

c4therine wrote:If you are getting these types of boils regularly, can I suggest that you approach you GP and ask for a referral to a dermatologist to see if you have "Hidradenitis suppurativa".

I suffered for years with these embarassing boils on my inner thighs, groin and lady bits which seemed to flair up for no reason except stress, hormone levels and warm weather, leaving awful scarring. I eventually got diagnosed by a dermatologist who advised me she felt that there was some link between this and PCOS.

Please don't suffer in silence and spend years feeling embarassed and in pain. Mine is under control now and it's wonderful!! :D

After reading this, I googled it and looked at the images (Not for recommended for those with a weak stomach!) I came across this site, and I have to say this is what mine end up like

My acne spots are turning into pea sized boils too and appear on my neck, back, face... I want to approach my GP about it, and although he is quite supportive, I dont want him to think I'm grasping at straws for medication and being a hypochondriac!
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