Not sure what to do anymore?!

Other long term effects of PCOS

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Not sure what to do anymore?!

Postby Hayleybrown07 » Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:07 pm

Well, im 22 on sat and was diagnosed with PCOS summer last year. I had the coil fitted 4 months ago to stop my constant bleeding. I no longer bleed, but am still n agony my hormones are erratic and i am depresse then angry for no reason. Th doc said there would be no point to remove the coil. My breats kill so much, i am in constat agony, i feel so tired all of the time and ill. I get huge sugar cravings and binge on crap,. but dont eat durin te day. I get bad headaches. My tummy hurts and is swollen, and i think my partner has had enough of me. Please give me some advice? xxx
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Postby Verve » Mon Nov 02, 2009 7:43 pm

Hi it's me again. I used to take St John's Wort and it worked wonders for my low moods after a couple of days taking it. the only reason I stopped taking it was because I went on the pill but I would still take it if I could. If you eat properly, take some walks and a bit of St John's Wort may give you a boost. I also used to take Bachs rescue remedy which is another natural de- stresser you put a few drops on your tounge and get on with your day. Alternatively there are Kalms (which I used to take when work was doing my head in). I know they aren't anti depressants but you many not need them
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Postby debware37 » Mon Nov 02, 2009 8:06 pm

Hi Verve,,

I had the coil fitted 3 years ago and I still get periods,, but where they were irratic before I actually fell pg,, after having the coil they regulated to every 28 days now they gone all over the place,,

ok my Gp really doesnt want to take the coil out,, but I what I would do is to eat better,, I have had PCOS for 9 years now,, and yes to an extent go though days of wy me,, (my first son needed open heart surgery) it seems life is pants,,

but,, what you need to do is to start eating better,, and certianly eat a healty breakfast, (no added sugar mind) then have a snack mid morning, then a nice lunch,, like a jacket or a nice wholemeal bread sandwhich,, and another snack,,

then dinner,, you see what you are doing is messing your insulin/gluscose levels,, giving them a quick high then nothing,, so when you do eat you body is retaining the sugar as fat,,

this inturn is making you moody and horrid,, tearful ext,, its all part of PCOS,, but its taken me ages to work out,, also you need to take some nice walks,, get your blood pumping,,

I know how upsetting it is to get a diagnosis,, and not knowing your future ect,, when I was first diagnosed it was go away and loose weight before we will even help you,, i did it,, then gained wait again as my goal of having a baby had been taken away,, or so they said,, now 9 years on from there I have no goal now as he is 3 years old,, but its my health thats important,,
and thats what you need to think about,, no one likes being ill, but us people with PCOS have to work 3 times as hard to get little reward.. as for your partner/boyfriend,, show him what your up against,, its not your fault whilst your moody,, but if he tries to understand then its a lot better for you,,

sending you massive hugs,,

Oh I am moody as hell some days but a ride it out,,
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Postby Hayleybrown07 » Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:49 pm

Thank you for your kind worrds xxx
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