Bleeding During & After Sex

Other long term effects of PCOS

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Bleeding During & After Sex

Postby Saffyre » Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:15 am

I have PCOS (diagnosed 22 years ago) and for the past 7 months been having problems with bleeding during and after sex.

Well, to treat that I had the Mirena Coil removed and an erosion of the cervix cauterized. It hasn't worked and I still have bleeding during sex and irregular bleeding at other times.

All biopsies have come back normal.

I took Norethisterone for 1 month but was suffering bad headaches and irritability with depression

Had another Gynae appt yesterday and was told the only other things they could offer me were laser treatment to the womb or a hysterectomy (with removal of those Polycystic ovaries). Neither are possible if my family is incomplete.

I'm devastated and very upset. Also concerned that if I go for the big H then HRT won't suit me (with all the hormone problems I suffer).

So anyway, I had an injection in my stomach today which is a medical hysterectomy that lasts 1 month (should stop all activity down there) and started a trial course of HRT. Am supposed to go back for an injection every 4 weeks and see the gynaecologist again in 4 months.

Feeling so disappointed as I don't really know what to do from here.

I don't want any more children but am not ready to say absolutely no more. I'm 36 years old so not completely over the hill yet and am lucky enough to have two gorgeous boys

Feel a bit pushed into the HRT trial and frustrated with my gynaecologist. I seem to end up in tears every time I go there - he even commented 'you're not crying today then'.

I know I am also overweight but his comments were not particularly nice. The only time I have ever managed to successfully lose any amount of weight is when I am pregnant - I go from a size 20-22 to a 14, and that is not through sickness of any kind. I am at my healthiest when pregnant, however, I can't just stay pregnant!

Really not happy with any of it.

I think I need a second opinion and to do some research. I'd like to try to control things naturally if possible. I'm not taking any meds apart from the HRT trial right now.

Anyone any ideas? :cry:
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