Gallstones diagnosis!

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Postby Jiellen_27 » Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:54 am

Accurate diagnosis is very important because gallstone symptoms are similar to those of several serious diseases.
They include heart attacks, ulcers, appendicitis, pancreatitis, hiatal hernia, and hepatitis.
Doctors may suspect gallstones based on a person's symptoms, especially in someone who is at high risk for gallbladder disease. A simple physical examination in the doctor's office may also suggest gallbladder disease. The doctor, for instance, usually presses gently with his fingers just below the ribs on the right side of the chest. That area often is tender in people with gallbladder disease. Blood tests also can show signs of obstructed ducts.
Two tests can diagnose most cases of gallbladder disease with great accuracy, an abdominal ultrasound and oral cholecystogram (OCG) or cholescintigraphy.
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Postby mizuza » Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:33 am

i was rushed to hospital 2 years ago turned out to be gallstons and my gallbladder had got infected, everything was removed in surgery. it was fast rushed in of a night, scan next day, first thing next morning in theatre. home 2 days later.

i just thought i had been having bad heartburn so never did anything about it. it was a friend who made me phone nhs 24 when i was at hers having an attack, glad i did now.on the day of my surgery i woke feeling really ill, apparantly my body was pumping loads of toxins because of the severly infected gallbladder. before it ws removed my digestion didnt work basicly, i still have probs and have found that dairy is a no go most of the time, unless i am naughty and want a taste and face the consiquences, my sis in law had same but she got oppisite her tummy was constat diareheoa after op. and someone else i know can eat what she like with no consequences at all after her op, everyone is different.

its important to remove the stones/gallbladder if its really in a mess as i found not going to dr atall left me really ill. but removal is not always neccesary, you can do gallstone flushes, or make changes like avoiding dairy and fat to stop attacks. if you have the op you will need to make dietry changes as your digestion may be effected which way no one knows some ppl are fine. there is a good website this tells you how to eat. make sure you know your choices i was left with no choice, and had alot of probs with tummy after the op, which after much investigation turned out to be severe ibs. my digestion is very sluggish now and my sis inlaw is too fast. good luck whatever you decide
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Postby LJ » Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:26 pm

ooooh i do sympathise! I had my gallbladder removed last November and i have to say i have never in my life experienced pain like it, I couldn't lie down sit up or stand, constantly feeling like i needed to be sick but the retching hurt sooo much(sorry tmi), the only relief i got was using an uncovered hot water bottle on my right side! Having spoken to my Nan and cousin who've also had it removed they both said they would rather go through child birth with no pain relief again than have their gallbladders back!
Firstly i thought i had really bad indigestion and saw my out of hours GP who seemed to like this theory and sent me packing with some super strong antacid tablets that had no affect, less than a week later i was being taken to A&E by my Mom (the worlds worst worrier) as my OH was at work and put on morphine, i had a scan which confirmed i had stones but i had to wait 8 weeks for the swelling in the gallbladder to go down before they could operate and when they did i had 15 stones removed and i'd only just turned 29!
I have to say its the best diet i have been on i lost over a stone in those 8 weeks out of fear of the pain coming back.
My consultant believed there could be a link with PCOS as he said most patients get them after having children (i have none) as the hormones during pregnancy affect how fat is metabolised in the same way PCOS affects hormones.
Sorry if i have rambled on x
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Postby scarlethope » Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:06 am

I'm wondering if anyone can offer some advice.
I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 15, I am now 22. I recently had a scan and cysts are still on my ovaries.

Anyway, back to gallbladder problems.
A few years ago I got an intense pain under my right rib cage, it was so painful it took my breath away. This summer it came back and was with me for 2 weeks. However, I get this "attack" at roughly 6am and then after an hour or two it passes.
I have not had the pain since summer but this morning it came back, the pain is horrendous and does leave me in tears.
The pain under my rib cage is a dull ache. It's also sore if I press the area inwards. I also suffer from really bad heartburn.

I went to an emergency doctor (attack happened at the weekend) and she told me it was Costochondritis, which is muscular pain, as if it's gallbladder it should not be sore to touch. I believe this not to be true though?

I'm really unsure what to usual doctor didn't suspect gallbladder either, but with the heartburn and same pain symptoms I'm beginning to suspect it.
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Re: Gallstones diagnosis!

Postby Naomi23 » Sat Nov 01, 2014 4:04 pm

I am 22 and had my gallbladder removed in April.

I am still waiting for my scan to 'diagnose' PCOS, which the Dr keeps telling me, but is odd seeing as you don't need the cysts to have it. My symptoms are excess hair that is gradually worsening and acne. I have regular periods, although not sure whether i am ovulating or not. I am not overweight and have always had a good diet but started having gallbladder attacks after xmas. Doctors found it very odd in someone of my age!!!!

Now i've hsd it out and I am having continuing digestive issues plus all the pcos stuff, which is really getting me down.

Hormones definitely effect the liver which in turn effects the bile and gallbladder so I really think it is related!!
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