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PLEASE can someone help me :( !!!!???

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PLEASE can someone help me :( !!!!???

Postby depressed2007 » Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:51 pm

please help im at my wits end

for years ive suspected PCOS but took me years to get diagnosis ive only been on the pill for it
ive had numerous ultrasounds which show 'bulky' ovaries, with multiple cysts on them
i have hirstuism (beard etc)
i havent been on any med for it for years now
but i really am not well with it.

im now getting tachcardia (palps) every night
i cant sleep im a zombie
every night i fear i will have to call ambulance as i had to get my boyf to call them one before i went to ER they didnt do much apart from chest xray, ecg and i was sent home next day

i get tachcardia, numbness in hands, bright red, dizziness, shaking, and pounding chest.
ive had 2x 24 hr ECG's which they said were normal but when i saw copy of reports there were 3x episodes of tachcardia reported im waiting to see the gp who ordered them i havent seen her for months. i had a echo which showed normal structurally functioning heart but it did say that it showed dilated left atrium - again ive yet to be referred to anyone about this - nobody seems to be doing anything

i had full bloodwork done it came back what they said was normal - apart from low lymphocyte level 1.3 10*9/l which ive to get checked again

testosterone was 2.4 nmol/
glucose was 5.2 mmol/l
tsh was 1.83 mu/l

ive heard women with pcos and Insulin resistance can have normal glucose level - so i was wondering
should i ask for a glucose tolerance test will this be any more informative?

i worry that these increasig palpitations will be damaging - and should i be on medication for them?

are my palps being caused by Insulin resistance? i read online that there may be a connection with that, someone mentioned online to take Metmorphin as this took her palps away.

i need help i just dont feel healthy at all and feel like i should be seen by specialists (im just going to my gp's at the moment on the nhs)
ive seen endocrinologists years ago but they didnt do anything

:( can anyone advise thanks
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Re: PLEASE can someone help me :( !!!!???

Postby Hols969 » Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:27 pm

If you were diabetic then they would see this on the blood tests, it usually diabetes out of kilter that can cause heart palpitations, I do not believe being insulin resistent would cause this type of reaction.

I would start doing a food/exercise/emotions diary to try and pin point it further. I think one of the issues is that stress and worry about it can make it worse as well, you say you are anxious every night about having to call out an ambulance etc so the anxiety you are having is causing (possibly without your knowledge) you to have a panic attack, all the symptoms you are saying suggests you are having a form of panic attack. I would go back to the GP and ask what the readings meant on the ECG etc as you may be reading far too much into it, we all have different heart rates etc, I have a particularly high one but it has always been that way so it is normal for me. I am 100% sure your readings were within the normal range otherwise they would have called you in. My mum has a pacemaker (and actually a new one a few months ago) so I have learned quite a bit about palpations over the last 10 years or so (she is also diabetic (with injections) and I think it sounds more like some sort of anxiety/panic attack. I did suffer from the and found some anti depressents help deal with them (citralapram worked for me), for me part of the problem was your mind can take over, something will trigger it and the mind will continue and make it much worse but for me the AD's did help and generally I dont tend to get them so much and can deal with them better now.

Your GP is there to help you so go back, take your bf with you and ask for answers.
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