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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:06 pm
by jazzy
Hi girls, I need some help please? :( I have been tested for diabietes twice since pcos (both negative). However, I felt very off colour yesterday - in pain and struggled to eat a chinese at lunch and had an orange juice.

Come yesterday evening appetite still not great but I comfortabley drank close 2 1 litre of cordial squash juice and water in 1 hour which is something I never comfortabley do ever, and I would've stopped but I was soooooo thirsty (and tired). I fell into bed exhausted at 10pm but could barely sleep for the thirst! Again comfortabely drank 500/600 mls of water from my hydrant bottle, needing the loo TWICE in a couple of hours and finishing the last 400 ml this morning. I ended up taking two sleeping tablets I'm on just to get some rest and curb my thirst! Today, not felt great either - again drank approx 500 ml juice comfortabley @ breakfast, had to go loo before my 9am lecture, again needing water during morning cos my mouth feels dry and salty, repeating toilet @ the break 10.45am, same thing throughout and towards end of lecture, repeating loo again at 12.30, its 2pm, i'm still thirsty and I need the loo again... before this I would drink much slower and go to loo less often... surely if I was just dehydrated, I would've rehydrated by now??? I'm very worried and got GP this afternoon so I geuss I'll see what happens then :S