just hit the fridge.... mad sugar cravings

Why we all seem to carry it all around the waist...

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just hit the fridge.... mad sugar cravings

Postby jazzy » Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:33 pm

Hi ladies

Been really down 2day.... had migraine number... (lost count) all day. ive been having them for a couple of weeks continously now. I had some dizzy spells a couple of wks ago and a migraine that put me in bed. Im getting headaches or migraines regularly.... trying not to eat chocolate but I keep having cravings.... feel awful tonight as I gave in to the cravings and I know I will continue to get bad headaches especially if I eat chocolate. Im seeing my female GP on tuesday about this.

I feel really edgy and anxious tonight - I normally follow low GI diet but really disappointed with myself tonight cos keep breaking the rules lately and paying for it physically afterwards. My emotions are also all over the place like the zip zap boung game (lol).... just wanna get this pcos out of me. Arghhhhhhhh! I am also hoisted (cant walk anymore). Been in a wheelchair all my life, but I used to walk step from chair to bed etc until 2 years ago after my 2nd spine operation. Now I am hoisted fulltime (cant walk at all) and still finding it extremely hard to deal with and adjust to. Was heartbreaking watching emmerdale tonight about Jackson and his paralysis from neck down.... I know its only a soap but it reminded me of when I was on bed rest after my spine op :cry: when I could feed myself while in bed... Im up in my wheelchair ok these days, unlike Jackson not paralysed from neck down so suppose I should be grateful. I dunno its just hard sometimes.... not coping very well tonight. love holly xxx
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