advice please

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advice please

Postby jazzy » Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:41 pm

Hi ladies

Im 19 and I was diagnosed with PCOS at 17. Lately, I have been getting a lot of migranes and I had some dizzy spells a couple of weeks ago, one of them had me in bed in the dark sleeping all day. From there I decided to start the low GI diet so no cholocate or sugary stuff as it kept giving me headaches. I also dont eat white bread anymore, only wholemeal.

However, I have started slowly reintroducing chocolate into my diet because I began to crave it except now my cravings are getting worse. I am now finding myself eating chocolate/sugary treats just as I used to mixed with low GI and the migrane headaches are back, my body wants too much liquid, im dehydrating easily lately as im not giving my body the water. I keep not drinking enough and hoping I'll be ok, but today I felt ill again (presumably because I hadnt drunk and eaten enough). I have started having bad migranes again and when they get really bad I have to sit in a dark room and sleep then drink loads of water when I wake up. Had GP appt on tuesday to discuss blood tests (high liver function and low iron levels was all she said so referred me to gastroendurologist). Is high liver funtion and low iron levels common with pcos? Got docs again nxt week because of migranes etc and felt pretty ill with it again today. Is this flu or should I actually ask my GP for GTT and IR/diabeties tests to check im ok? Not sure what to do. My mum wants tests done, I think she's right but not sure if GP will listen... confused exhausted and very headachy Love Holly :( ps: sorry for so many questions, not well at all lately & needed to let it all out.
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Postby beckzstar » Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:53 pm

I cant answer all your questions. I can only tell you my experience. My cravings were always bad. I could not even go without food for more than a couple of hours. I would get headaches and feel sick and shakey. Along with the other symptoms of PCOS I was feeling awful all the time. I had to change my doctors a couple of years ago and had to be seen as an emergency. I was in severe pain in my lower tum. He treated that and then put me on metformin. Since then the cravings gradually got better and my eating pattern has slowly become more normal. I can go much longer without food. And the sugar cravings are much better. Around AF it shows itself abit but no where near as bad it used to be. The dr has never done tests for insulin resistance but all the evidence is there that I have it. Being on metformin has really changed my life.

hope it works out for

becks X
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