My GP wont give me a gtt test!!

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My GP wont give me a gtt test!!

Postby ElleBelle » Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:52 pm

Im on the verge on giving up and just waiting for the diabetes to come. I feel like they wont help me till then anyway.

Ive suffered classic hypoclycemia symptoms since I can remember. I have to eat at my set times of the day, if I miss a routine eating time I get a number of symptoms;

Shaky/cold sweats/dizzyness/weakness, my legs feel like jelly and can barely stand up.

Ive always just got on with it, if I know Im gonna be out at say 4o'clock when I'd normally have a snack I make sure Ive got something with me.
But recently Ive been worried about what its actually leading to as it must be putting some kind of pressure on my body.

I was sent for gtt tests in both my pregnancies as something was showing abnormal, however the first time I messed it up as I was sick...I just couldnt manage it,they never retested me. Second time I did the test but I waited ages for my results,asked my midwife a few times she said she hadnt heard from the hospital so 'assumed' everything was normal, thinking back thats not good enough, I should of got my concrete results, never did. When I did these tests I'd never new or heard of hypoglycemia or insulin resistance or pcos.

I few years back I googled my symptoms and came up with hypoglycemia, went to docs, he done a test, which was a 12hour fasting test, and the results were normal. Ive since read on here and elsewhere that a normal fasting test will not show up insulin resistance.

Anyway I went to my gp a few days ago, and told her I was still having the shaky episodes(she's previously just told me to try and eat low gi), I'd said I'd tried low gi and have cut out alot but still finding it hard. I said I wanted a gtt test but she said she cant do that unless my fasting glucose is abnormal which it isn't. I told her I was worried about getting diabetes, she said well you may get diabetes but all you can do is stay in control to try and prevent it, try not to gain weight, eat less carbs, etc, so thats just bloody great. She did say I havent had any blood tests in two years so will send me for some routine bloods, I havent been yet, as I dont think anything will show up,among other things like thyroid, liver function, shes also got fasting blood glucose down.

What do people suggest I do, shall I let my blood sugars drop low before I go to see if it will show anything, or just leave it or what? I need a diagnosis, I need a referral to a dietician, another thing I wont get unless something shows up. Im also looking to go back to work soon..what do I say to a future employer....'oh I think Ive got this thing, so I need to go eat a snack sometimes'....come on they'll want something concrete wont they.

Anyway bit long sorry, any suggestions apprecited, I know alot of you ladies have similar problems...thanks :?
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Postby Hols969 » Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:02 pm

Thing is even if it diabetes early on it is normally controlled by diet. My mum has diabetes, she didnt control it diet wise properly so is now on insulin. I would follow a diabetes diet if you are really concerned as this will show how to avoid the highs and lows. I get the dips too but I dont believe Im diabetic but obviously with pcos there is a risk especially if you are overweight. I do try to eat little and often tho so I reduce the dips, I know what you feel about feeling dizzy and having no strength in your knees as I get that sometimes if I have missed a snack.

If your GP is refusing then there isnt much you can do, unless you try and see a different one who may do it.
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Postby ElleBelle » Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:47 am

Thanks for the reply Holly.
I just want to be taken seriously, what I have is not normal, even if its just a referral to a dietician or something. I had a fasting blood test last week, which Ive had before and was normal, its not the same as a gtt test, I'll get the results in a few days. If they come bk normal again I suppose it back to struggling to stick to low gi on my own again.
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Postby emma30 » Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:50 am

my gp wouldn't do a gtt either. it's so hard when we have to ask for the tests to be done, and for the medication because they don't know enough about PCOS.

Good luck.
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Postby ElleBelle » Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:40 pm

Yeh it is so frustrating that the doctors just dont seem interested.
I got my 12hr fasting blood test back, and again they are normal.
My OH says to go back but I dont really see the point she's already told me I cant have a gtt test.
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