Help please...have GP appointment tomorrow

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Help please...have GP appointment tomorrow

Postby WeddingMonster » Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:25 pm

I am new here and not sure where is best to post so I have also posted this in the cafe but really could use some advice

I was diagnosed with PCOS at about 14 as had irregular periods and excess hair and overweight but didn't really have any tests, they just shoved me on the pill (dianette).

I am now 24 and have been off the pill about 5 years and I went all of 2008 without a period and only had 2 this year. I had so much trouble on the pill I gained several stone in weight, I;ve always been overweight but on the pill I ballooned.

Doctor suggested I have some PCOS tests so I have had a bood test.

I am going to see the GP on Monday but got the results over the phone, apparenlty everything was normal except for raised glucose of 6.3.

Now I know glucose intolerance is a symptom associated with PCOS but as the other levels were normal could it be that have diabetes/ I'm really scared and could use some advice.

I am fairly overweight but have been on slimming world for the last year and lost 2.5stone so am getting better. My dad does have diabetes though (type 2)...but despite this I have so many PCOS symptoms...irregular periods, excess hair, I'm 'apple shaped (carry weight round my stomach), crazy mood swings, when I do have periods they're painful and very heavy.

I have so much trouble losing weight but only have to look at food to gain several pounds. My partner and I eat the same food, she lost 1/2lb on week and I gained 3lbs....

Does anyone have any adviice, what should I ask the doctor tomorrow? We are getting married next October and I want to lose more weight but really feel my body is not helping matter and I desperately want to be healthy.
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Postby ej200001 » Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:51 pm


I've only been offically dignosed around 4 weeks ago, however the previous two blood tests before that one came back normal apparently. Blood tests are not the most acurate way of diagnosing PCOS. Yes they are one way of checking all the hormone levels however depending on where you may be on your cycle these hormone levels can vary so much. So even if they have came back normal these may not be correct. Ask for a repeat test making sure they test for LH and Testosterone. Also ask for a glucose tolerance test. Your Glucose levels can also vary depending on the time of the day and what you have eaten so i wouldn't panic too much just yet.

All of your symtoms suggest PCOS so make sure they test for the correct things.

I have to admit my doctors have been great.

Good luck


PS - well done on the weightloss thats fantastic
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