How do you get help?

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How do you get help?

Postby Lotus » Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:15 pm

I have recently asked my GP to refer me back to my endocrinologist and I have been told by two different GPs at my surgery now that they know I have PCOS, I am on Metformin, and PCOS is incurable so I don't need an endocrinologist.

Problem is the GPs don't seem to know very much about it. Since I also have endometriosis the chances of my fertility being affected are high. My weight is going up and up and up. The GP put me on a diet and I gained half a stone - then I was experiencing really low blood sugar and getting faint (that's how low it was getting). Finally they have agreed to a blood sugar test.

How do you go about getting the correct care for this condition?
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