random cortisol results...worried

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random cortisol results...worried

Postby emily » Fri Oct 09, 2009 3:44 pm

hey all , had my 21 day bloods done yesterday ....and random cortisol too......doc just wanted to be sure , so he could send them off to the pcos consultant , to rule out cushions (sp?) as it was in my notes from years ago when i seen them last.
i just had a phone call from the surgery saying the doc wanted to see me asap :shock: ...i asked what for and she said it was due to the results of this ... i asked if there was a problem and she said the doctor would speak to me about it ...i said i could be there tonite , and the stupid woman said oh no we dont have any appointments until tues morning :evil: :shock: .....then told me not to worry :roll: after saying ASAP !! MAKE YOUR MIND UP WOMAN !!!

im really worried now ! does anyone know what this could mean ??? i had my hormone level results last week and they were all normal ..... no raised levels at all...i was estatic...now im scared !

thanks girls , em xxx
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