HELP RE : ZOLADEX side effects / PCOS Edno. & Menopause

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HELP RE : ZOLADEX side effects / PCOS Edno. & Menopause

Postby polly247 » Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:07 am


I am 53 and stopped taking HRT 2 months ago as it was making my PCOS worse!, and not really helping the menopause? I am also over weight and have other health issues!

I have had PCOS & Endometrosis for several (million) years. I have been fobbed off by many doctors over the years saying I was either too young, too old or too overweihgt to have a hystroctomy. :(

I saw a new Consultant today in a totally different area (NHS Choose and Book) hoping he would be more sympathic and give me a much needed hystorectomy but instead has offerd me 3 months of Zoladex injections.

However, when I looked on the internet I found that some/most of the horrid symptoms I suffer from are also side effects of Zoladex! ... i.e. weight gain, excessive sweating!, bone density loss, Lethargy etc ... Heavens, i want to get rid of these symptons not increase them! :oops:

If you can help with any of these questions I would be very grateful... :wink:

Has Zoladex helped you ?
Did you have advers side effects form Zoladex?
Are you overweight - did you have a hystroctomy?
Can you reccomend a great Consultant in South London (or anywehre?)
Can you reccomend a great Endocrinologist?

Many thanks and kind regards,
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Postby Annoldie » Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:58 pm

Hi Polly, my menopausal problems were a while ago now, I am a bit out of date so I am not sure how useful this will be. I tried 3 different types of oral HRT, all of which sent my blood pressure up and made me feel terrible. After a break of about 2yrs I tried the HRT patches and Bingo 6yrs of excessive sweating stopped literally overnight. Within days I felt as though I had got my life back. I was told that the oestrogen in the patches is absorbed through the skin, bye passing the liver and therefore not giving me the side effects. I used the patches for 12yrs. I think HRT is like the Pill - you have to find out what suits you. A Hysterectomy would not help your weight or cure your PCOS but it would obviously cure troublesome bleeding and if your Endometriosis is just in your uterous that also. If you are very overweight it would be a risk and it would be wiser to try to get your weight down a bit first - have you tried a low GI diet and trying to increase your exercise? I am sorry but I don't know very much about Zoladex but I am sure someone else will. You should be able to find a very good Consultant in London. Hope this helps. Ann.
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thank you

Postby polly247 » Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:36 pm

Many thanks for replying. It was very interesting. Thank you. Polly
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