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metformin problems with it

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 12:28 am
by seaprincess
i have been on my second round of treatments to tryo for my third child.

first one i had completly by accident at age of 17 when not knowing i had pcos i took combined pill to prevent the very thing that happened.
second one was nine years later on clomifine after long list of other alternatives was tried

now as i say i am on my third round of treatments and it doesnt seem to be working as well this time. i was put on clomifine back in may 2008 and have had regular periods on it but not concieved so in december my consultant added in metformin

this is were my problems have begun, i feel sick all the time get seriously bad abdominal cramps and as result end up in severe pain with my back.
i take three metformin tablets a day one with each meal. but since taking this tablet i have stopped having periods and wondered if this was normal

before anyone says it no am not pregnant have done a test to be sure although i didnt feel pregnant.

december and now january has gone by and the regular periods i had begun to enjoy because with each one i seemed to lose a lil more weight have stopped

what should i do should i go to my gp for more advice or phone the unit were my consultant is or wait til april when my next appt has been booked for.

please if anyone has had any experience with this please help me