should i ask for GTT?

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should i ask for GTT?

Postby sotonnewb » Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:07 pm

i posted in the cafe but mrs b recomened i chat to u guys. some of this a copy & paste so sorry to anyone who's read this in the cafe...

i was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in feb, but i am asymptomatic of pcos e.g. not overweight or hirstute, so my gp didnt do any other tests.

i know that glucose intolerance is another symptom & have kept that in the back of my head. I recently started getting headaches after meals, as well as having a few non-pcos but diabtes related symptoms (thrush, drinking a lot). so i popped into my local pharmacy for a blood glucose test after fasting - it came out at 5.6 mmol which is in the normal range i am told and nothing to worry about. but if the headaches persist should i go back to my gp & insist on proper glucose tolerance tests?

I am off to papua new guinea for work in a couple of weeks & would rather know sooner if there are any major glucose tolerance issues - i am vegan and will struggle to eat properly for a few days, relying on rice & cereal bars, which is not exactly ideal!

we have been TTC for 7 months, so gp has just agreed to test thyrod & hormones on my next day 1 & day 23. of course i know 7 months is nothing compared to some - i just wanted to start getting a real picture of what is going on, as at the mo i have no idea whether i am ovulating & how likley it is we will be able to have kids, or whether i am on the road to diabetes...

thanks for reading & any advice much appreciated
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