Please help support us - 5K fund-raiser

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Please help support us - 5K fund-raiser

Postby Miffy » Thu Aug 21, 2008 1:31 pm

Anybody who has been following the 5K thread on here will probably already know that we now have 14 ladies (I think) from the board putting themselves through the challenge of walking/running 5K in the Adidas Women's Challenge on Sunday 7 September - which is now only 2 weeks away.

So I decided to bombard everyone on here with a shameless request for support for the group of ladies undertaking this. We've all done so well in raising a huge amount of money for Verity and I know the ladies have been working extremely hard to earn every penny of that sponsorship and challenge themselves to do something they probably haven't achieved before.

But despite the amount raised so far I can't help thinking that if everyone here on the board could just sponsor any of the group for as little as say £1 it could make a huge difference to the amount raised and give all of us a HUGE boast to really go for it in 2 weeks time and know that what we are doing is so worthwhile. I don't think it'll matter who anyone sponsors - all the pages are here on the Verity website ... justgiving

so choose a participant and add as much as you possibly can to help support all of us.

I will apologise in advance if this shameless begging for sponsorship offends anyone - I know that a lot of ladies on here already do a great deal for Verity and totally understand if they feel they already give enough. But for everyone else - how about just giving us that spare change that is sitting in your purse? It all adds up pretty damn quick.

Thanks for the support - and thank you to all the ladies who took up my challenge when I first posted and all the support from everyone else on here - its been a huge motivation to me and made a massive difference to my attempts to get back to exercising.
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Postby Dora08 » Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:21 pm


I just wanted to reply to you and let you know that I actually did this run this year!! I have only just come across Verity website and did not know it existed until today - I ran this year for Diabetes UK as my mum is a sufferer! Will def be running again next year and def for Verity.

I beat my time from last year by 6 minutes and did it in 28 mins 27 seconds so was very pleased!

Well done to all who ran this year!

Postby Miffy » Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:46 pm

hi - well done on the time - that's awesome

I was about the same time slower than I did last time I did it :lol:

I have good excuses though - was injured so couldn't run any and started further back so got stuck behind all the slower walkers

There's a whole thread about this as well if you wanted to catch up there - I don't know what the final final amount raised was but I know Rachel told us on the day that the total was over £3,000 so it was a fantastic event for everyone involved.
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