Being tested for glucose intolerance

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Being tested for glucose intolerance

Postby celandine » Mon Jun 23, 2008 11:25 am

Went to my GP this morning and next week am having a fasting blood glucose test.
I know that i am glucose intolerant based on the fact that my blood sugar readings are 9. 3 hours after having sugar. The GP was very helpful but i am not sure whether i will get an accurate diagnosis off him, as he thought the fact i had some thing sugary meant i did not have to worry my level was high! But i thought normal healthy people manage to keep their blood sugar pretty stable regardless of what they were eating? And i would have thought a high level 3 hours after sugar indicated pre diabetes. Normal ranges are between 4-7.
Anyway will the fasting glucose test be accurate ?
I have decided if it comes back normal i shall ask my gynae to refer me to a endocrinologist to get the levels done then. As i am certain i am glucose intolerant.
I know it can only be treated with healthy low GI diet and exercise but i still want to know!
Moan over!
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Postby Annoldie » Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:21 pm

My fasting blood sugar test didn't show up my diabetes. Have come to the conclusion that a lot of doctors have a rather vague idea about Insulin Resistance. When I was having some surgery done the registrar at the hospital told me that if I had IR then I must be a diabetic, ( I wasn't at that stage) and wrote Diabetic all over my notes. In the end I bought the ward a copy of the Ultimate PCOS Handbook - at great expense, but thought if just one of the doctors or nurses read it, it would be worth it! I suspect they now have "This patient is a pain," written all over them! Ann
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Postby celandine » Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:49 pm

Hi Ann,
yes you are right, i dont think they have much of a clue really!
luckily i am going to my dietician which is based at the diabetic/endo centre in my hospital. So i am going to discuss it with them. Whether they will do me a oral glucose test or if i will still need to see an endo. I dont know! But they will be the people to ask!
My GP thought 3 hours after having sugar to still have a high blood sugar level was okay! When i can see from research on the internet it is pre diabetic :lol: The only thing for me to consider will be like you said previously, that my monitor may not be accurate. So i shall have to suffer the idiots and the tests! :lol:
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