A bit fed up really..

Why we all seem to carry it all around the waist...

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A bit fed up really..

Postby Zanzibel » Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:18 pm

Hey there,

I was diagnosed with PCO last January and in April had a blood glucose test to see if I have insulin resistance. It came back negative, which in a way I was a bit gutted about because I just know something isn't right.
For ages now I seem to have all the symptoms- lack of energy (physical and mental) which at times can be quite bad but i've kind of got used to it so don't know if i'm imagining it half the time as i can't remember what it feels like NOT to feel exhausted (if you get me), sick and dizziness if I haven't eaten much, a fuzzy head after eating certain foods (particularly after i've had a lot of sugar), sweet cravings, depression, general mood swings and lack of concentration.

I'm actually going for another blood sugar test on Thursday (as i've had a skin infection recently and my doctor said that can sometimes be an indication of diabetes so she wants me to check) - so i'll see if there's been any change.

But what if it comes back negative again? I sound like a bit of a hyperchondriac but all i know is i haven't felt right for years and it's affecting me and my concentration at uni too. I'm trying to stick to a low GI diet too which i'm sure helps, and i ought to do more exercise (i'm not overweight but i'm not very fit) too.

It's nice to get this off my chest a bit so sorry for the ramble. It's just i kind of WANT a diagnosis of insulin resistance so that i'm offered ways to make myself feel right again...

Postby Lozzarella » Sun Jan 06, 2008 1:32 pm

Hi there! It sounds like a really tricky one, it's difficult to know what to do if your tests are coming back normal. I really can sympathize, I was diagnosed in September and put on Yasmin. I thought this would help with the fatigue but it didn't. I have symptoms just as you describe and i know exactly what you mean when you say you don't know whether you're imagining or not!! I have the mental fogginess, alot of the time i can't concentrate. So i decided to go back to my endo and tell him this and suggest a blood sugar test. He said I was definitely not insulin resistant because I'm not overweight, but he agreed to do another full blood test including fasting glucose. It all came back normal which like you said was frustrating because i wanted to find the cause of my symptoms. I'm actually going to find another endo because i have the impression mine is very old fashioned. I really want to find one who will listen to my symptoms and one who will do the full blood sugar test for me!! My advice for you would maybe be the same. Ive read on this discussion board that other women take metformin who are not insulin resistant, and this seems to be the only drug to help with it. You need some good advice from a specialist, that's what I'm going to do!! Good luck with your next tests!

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