Newbie with questions x

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Newbie with questions x

Postby Angelicalkat » Fri Oct 12, 2007 6:19 pm

Hi Everyone

Apologies in advance as im new to this - its my first post and reading through the other posts I think this is in the right bit with regards to my thoughts

The doc thinks Ive got PSOC - Ive been feeling tired, putting on weight, masses of spots and the hair growth is terrible. Ive been feeling dizzy and feel really odd after I have eaten especially at lunch times.

The spots are horrid - they are on my jawline and are really painful, and I get spots that are like boils, my hair is growing so fast I cant keep up!

My periods have stopped - they have never been regular and I have a coil fitted - sorry if this is too much info, :shock:

I cant loose weight and the main things the doc said to me is that my hormone levels are really really high, and all my symptoms suggest I have PSOC. She wants me to go for an ultra sound.

I am over weight - but find it impossible to loose weight. feel like im in catch 22. Im hoping all the above sounds familiar to everyone, as my main concern is the dizziness and "rush" I feel after meals and Im wondering if to have my sugar levels tested?

Ive got Epilepsy too so I guess my chance of kids are minimal as my meds for this cause me probs and Im wondering if I will ever have kids at some point with PCOS? Im 28 and dont want them right at this moment tho but in the future.

Sorry to waffle. :oops:

Im just trying to make sense of it all and wondering if all the dizzy problems are relating to blood sugar/insulin?

Kat x x x x
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Postby mizuza » Sat Oct 13, 2007 9:20 pm

not sure about the dizzyness, but apart from that i can relate to all of what you are saying, my jaw line is a mess with spots at the moment, the hair growth is terrible but vaniqa ( a cream that i apply) slows it down dramatically so its much more manageable, you can get vaniqa from gp.

Metformin ( unlicenced for pcos) will help with insulin resistance, can sometimes help with weightloss and hirsutism, i have just started this in the last few weeks so its early days for me.

spironolactone, a diuretic can also help reduce androgens i take this but again its early days alot of women find it very effective

low gi or low carb diets seem to be the best...for me the only one i lost any weight on was low carb southbeach or sugar was slow progress even with that but atleast i lost some weight

now i am on metformin i am going to retry it and see how i go.

i also think the key is exercise, i walk alot but i think i need to do something more hardcore to get my heartrate up. this will help increase the motabolism which in us pcos women is alot slower

hope this is helpful, i remeber how confused i was at the start, take your time absorb the info and then make little changes at a time dont try to do it all at once

also get these books they are great

the ultimate pcos handbook by collette harris

the pcos diet book by collette harris

i got mine from
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Postby Kel » Sat Oct 13, 2007 10:57 pm

Hi there.

I had all the above, and dizziness too. Would get in at random times aswell as after meals, also sometimes after a meal there'd be no keeping me awake!

Yeah it may well be insulin resistance. Im now on Metformin and while I wouldnt recommend jumping into meds, one of the things its reduced is the dizziness.

Postby Evangelion » Sun Oct 14, 2007 4:56 pm

Hi and welcome!! I think I know you from another forum.....

We're all very much in the same boat weight loss wise and hair/skin wise - there are lots of varying treatments though, from the Dianette/Yasmin to Metformin, Spironolactone to Vaniqua.
Got to admit though exercise and healthy eating is the key to a lot of it and we do unfortunately need to be very patient re:weight loss (me more than most at present). Collette Harris' book is very very good and explains PCOS and its relationship with insulin resistance very well, and she has also written a diet book with very easy and tasty recipes which do help.
It's worth remembering though that most ladies with PCOS will fall pregnant, some with a little help from medications, some naturally, and it certainly doesn't bar you from considering children in the future even including the epilepsy. The dizziness after meals certainly rang a bell with me which I hope is of some comfort to you, it's worth getting a referral to a Consultant with a special interest in PCOS as they're worth their weight in gold. A glucose tolerance test and/or a trial of Metformin would probably be the best way forward to see if the dizzy episodes are related to the PCOS/insulin resistance which most of us have.

Everyone is really great here for motivation and comfort for all the highs and lows of PCOS and I hope you'll feel right at home,

A x
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