Newbie! Feeling hopeless! Any new ideas?

One of the most common symptoms of PCOS

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Newbie! Feeling hopeless! Any new ideas?

Postby Daisy11202 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:22 pm

Hey all,
Brand spanking new to writing on here, I'm normally an A-Grade Lurker :lol: , but feeling especially hopeless and fed up today. Thought you gals would have the best advice of all!!

I've had no period since Dec '12. Doctors don't seem at all phased by this. I'm 25, a healthy weight, stick to a healthy low GI diet, take every PCOS recommended supplement under the sun - and still no luck.
I have been back to the doctors recently, asking if maybe they should force a period with progesterone as a one off as I read that it is unsafe to not have a period in so long - it can put you at risk for things like abnormal growths. I asked for another scan of my ovaries, to see if there has been any change since I was diagnosed in 2013. I asked for more blood tests, to try and figure out if my hormone levels change AT ALL throughout the month - and they just laughed me out again. My personal highlight was the quote 'Do you expect that we can wave a magic wand and make you normal?'. No, I don't - but I would at least like my PCOS diagnosis, and lack of periods to be taken seriously and have a fair idea of what options I have available at this point! AIBU???

Feeling everso frustrated that there has been no change despite all of my hard work in terms of diet and lifestyle. It's been over 2 years! Does anyone have any advice/ success stories / list of things the doctor should be offering? I don't know anyone with PCOS, I just wanted to vent and chat with those who are in the know :)
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