Blood test results

One of the most common symptoms of PCOS

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Blood test results

Postby Monsterpage » Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:14 pm

I've just had my blood test results back and the GP said they were fine, so didn't indicate PCOS, but suggested testing for hyperthyroidism.

I suffer from excess hair, excess weight (esp around my middle), erratic periods (I'm currently on day 73 of no period) and I find it incredibly difficult to lose weight. Plus we have been ttc for the last 6 months and the OV predictor kits are saying I'm not ovulating. When I was pregnant 2 years ago I suffered with gestational diabetes and was put on metformin.

All these factors seemed to point to PCOS but having been told my levels are normal I am disappointed as I was sure that was what e problem was. I don't know anything about hypothyroidism.

My blood results were as listed below - the blood was taken a few days ago - about day 69 of my cycle - so I don't know where I am in my cycle - is there anything there that people think I should be asking the GP about? Thanks in advance for reading and for any help x

FSH: 13.6 u/l
LH: 5.4 u/l
Serum testosterone: 0.3 nmol/l
Sex hormone binding globulin: 29 nmol/l
Free androgen level: 1.0
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