Constant Bleeding and Contraception

One of the most common symptoms of PCOS

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Constant Bleeding and Contraception

Postby RachaelDale » Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:18 pm

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone may be able to shed some light on my current situation. I'll give you all a bit of background (but will try not to make it too lengthy!)

Diagnosed with PCOS in late 2010, following a bout of very heavy constant bleeding. At the time I used the copper coil which was brilliant for me as I am not very tolerant to hormones. Everything settled down until spring 2012 where I suffered heavy constant bleeding again (sorry if this is tmi - the bleeding contained lots of large clots and also meant that I had to get up two/three times a night to change my clothes/sheets). After discussion with my doctor, she felt it may be the copper coil which was causing the heavy bleeding, so I agreed to change to the Mirena Coil. For a year this was fine - it settled my bleeding down to a light, manageable period each month.

BUT - around May this year, I started bleeding in between my periods, so the cycle would be as follows: One week 'normal period', a few days/ a week off, then another two/three weeks bleeding. I have visited my doctor who has taken swabs (nothing), blood tests (no news yet), carried out an examination (very quick - not sure what the point of this was!) and I have also had my regular smear. I am awaiting an appointment for an Ultrasound to see if this shows anything. I have just finished a prescription for Noresthisterone, which did stop the bleeding but did make me an emotional mess! Needless to say that two days after finishing this prescription I have started bleeding again.

The doctor has not shed much light on what could be causing this bleeding, but she does seem keen to blame 'stress'. I have explained to her that I don't think this is causing it, and that in fact I'm probably at one of the least stressful times of my life so far!

My main questions are:
- does this sound like symptoms from the PCOS? My doctor does not seem to be bothered about the PCOS whenever I mention it (in fact, she seems almost dismissive about it).
- Could this be a hormonal problem that is causing the bleeding? My doctor is talking about me trying the mini-pill along with the Mirena to prevent the bleeding. I feel strongly that I dont want to take this for a number of reasons: It messes with my moods and weight (it's taken me long enough to loose weight!). I have taken the mini-pill prior to having the coil and it made me bleed continuously :cry: When I mentioned this to the doctor she almost seemed to blank it...!

Any suggestions or stories from people that have experienced similar would be appreciated. I am desperate to try and sort this out as it's just so draining! I'm even considering moving away from the NHS to look for help...?

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Re: Constant Bleeding and Contraception

Postby Aww Emma » Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:56 pm

Hi there,

I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 years ago after having a suspect miscarriage. After trying the pill like you said you have been offered that's when I got problems with facial hair. So stopped taking it even though my doctor insists its just part of having PCOS. So since then I have to go for regular IPL sessions to deal with that. The doctor put me on norethisterone too which he explained to me quite well. You take them till the bleeding stops then the bleeding will start again - let it carry on for a week like a normal period then taken them again to make it stop. This should completely stop the period as well as kick it into a normal cycle for you. However for the last year and a half I have been happily living my life with regular periods and been very happy until the last period. I have been on a very heavy one for the last 7 weeks and all the old pills won't touch it. The pain is so bad, the tiredness, the headaches and sickness, well I feel for you if you feel like this. The doctor thinks once again that I have had miscarriage and has done a p test and sent off an urgent ultra sound scan appointment for me. Damn PCOS I hate you! 1 week to the holiday and this better not ruin it, I only get 1 a year
Aww Emma
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Re: Constant Bleeding and Contraception

Postby wedgieone » Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:12 am

Hi, i have recently been told i have PCO after a whole 6.5 years of doctors and hospital appointments!

Mine was also a case of constant periods. It started as one every couple of weeks, then i was wrongly put on the mini pill to "regulate" (later found out its not even used for that because it does not regulate) and then after taking that my 24/7 periods began. I badically had no days without for about 6 months until i was given the injection. This stopped it for a mere two weeks and then i was back to constant bleeding. Eventually docs decided to give me norothisterone to take, which also did not really work. Then i was made to take it for 3 months straight, 3 pills a day. I bled as soon as i came off them. I was then given the coil which was far too painful and also did not stop my bleeding and then i was on a constant dose of provera, 10mg 3 times a day non stop.

This was literally until a few days ago when i was informed i had PCO... I seem to bleed non stop forever unless i am on some form of pill to stop the bleeding. A quick fix some might say! I now have to wait for my current injection to run out, stop the provera and wait until the period starts again before taking a new type of pill i have not yet had... I am not quite sure what my cibsultant is expecting this to do though. He was rather useless and didnt explain a lot. But now another 6 months with no period due to pill taking i guess.

All i can say is, you need to be forceful with your doc because having such awful bleeds on and off or constantly is not nice and deffo something needs to be done to help you cope with it!!! Don't let them ignore it! Nice to know there are other people in similar positions to me and i am not the only one being mugged off by docs time abd time again! I hope you get it sorted/someone begins to help you !!!!
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