Depression, mood swings, etc.

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Postby Lioness_48 » Sun Jun 08, 2014 10:02 pm

All my life, it seems, I have been plagued by depression.

However, looking back, I am beginning to wonder if it actually was depression, in a strictly psychiatric sense.

My depression has been cyclical, usually in association with irregular menses and, hence irregular pre-menstrual tension.

And since achieving menopause about 10 years ago in my mid-fifties, I have continued to have these cyclical bouts of "depression." My mother, aged in her 70's at the time, once said that if she was still bleeding, this would be the time, a comment which recently got me thinking about the cyclical nature of my mood swings.

The upshot is that I have decided I do not have a "depressive personality" at all but, rather, that I have a hormonal imbalance which affects my moods in a cyclical manner.

This, after a lifetime of "mental health" problems necessitating hospitalisations, out-patient treatment, counselling, etc., etc., as well as anti-depressive medications. Hopefully, research has sufficiently advanced that anyone presenting with the same "mental health" issues I had and with PCOS (I was diagnosed in 1966, the facial hair having appeared about 1960, when I was 12 years old) will now be treated for the hormone imbalance rather than for depression and anxiety.

Having a psychiatric history made it very hard, indeed impossible, for me to get jobs commensurate with my education, and I lived on an Invalid Benefit (I live in New Zealand) for 20+ years because of my unemployability.

I just needed to share this recent understanding - hopefully others will be encouraged by my story to get appropriate treatment for their PCOS-related "depression" and "anxiety" in a way that is truly helpful to them.

- Valerie
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