desperatly seeking support

Depression, mood swings, etc.

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desperatly seeking support

Postby kittykitten » Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:57 pm

im 26 and was only diagnosed 2 years ago with pcos since then i have found support from the nhs for fertility but struggling to find support for the emotional side of it.
i find myself out of control when it comes to food and i can safely say im a secret binge eater. i feel cravings for sugar and starchy foods like pasta, crisps and pastries and often eat til i feel sick. these cravings are so intense i have to give in. i know i am an emotional eater but i cant seem to stop and my diet makes my syptoms unbearable which makes me turn to food again, that vicious cycle.

does anyone have any tips or experiences? i just want to get better
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