A vegan diet, natural treatment and supplements

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A vegan diet, natural treatment and supplements

Postby fuzzysista » Wed Jun 28, 2017 2:26 pm

Hey, I have posted this in the Hair and Skin forum as well

Are there any vegan PCOS women out there who can give me some advice on holistic remedies and how to choose the right supplements? As well as an array of symptoms, hirsutism and hair loss are the more obvious and frustrating ones for me.

I have started taking a daily vegan multivitamin that includes:
Vitamin A (800ug/mcg), Vitamin D (5ug/mcg), Vitamin E (20mg), Vitamin C (90mg), Thiamin/Vitamin B1 (2.5mg), Riboflavin/Vitamin B2 (2.8mg), Niacin (18mg), Pantothenic Acid (6mg), Vitamin B6 (6mg), Vitamin B12 (2.5ug/mcg), Folic Acid (300ug/mcg), Calcium (200mg), Iron (14mg) and Zinc (15mg).

I also have started taking a daily Omega 3 (Omega 3 352mg , DHA 207mg, EPA 123mg, DPA 22mg) and a separate daily Vitamin B12 supplement (100ug/mcg) due to having clear signs of B12 deficiency and the fact that both are especially important for PCOS women as well as a vegan lifestyle.

I have read about the amazing benefits that spearmint tea has on treating hirsutism and I try to drink 2 cups of it a day as well as green tea (although I do have a tendency to forget). I know all about the superfoods (i.e., sweet potatoes, broccoli, turmeric, cinnamon, romaine lettuce, chia seeds etc.) but I feel that I am still missing something. Is it worth taking a turmeric/cinnamon complex? How does evening primrose oil work? So many questions!

So, what natural, vegan-friendly supplements do you take for your PCOS? (More specifically to treat the hairier problems)?

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