Slimming World and PCOS

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Slimming World and PCOS

Postby littleluka » Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:32 pm

Hey there. I've not been on this board for a very long time. I was diagnosed at 23 with PCOS and went on to lose 2 stone using the GI diet. At 35 I successfully conceived and had a beautiful baby boy who is now 20 months. We are now considering trying again soon but I am again at least 2 stone heavier than I want to be before TTC and I'm struggling. I did the GI Diet before I met my husband, and he's a bit resistant to "dieting". I work full time and he is a stay at home parent and does all the cooking. We made a compromise to do Slimming World but I've run into problems.
1) I get so far and plateau. I lost 1.5 stone from January this year quite easily following Extra Easy. This brought me to about halfway in my desired weightloss. But I keep getting stuck despite help from my SW group leader. Following it to the letter and it's not working.
2) I am lethargic and run down to the point of not being able to function some days. Yesterday I'm very sure I had a nasty hypo. I was delirious, angry and felt very weak. I don't test my BM but I know I am insulin resistant from when I had tests before. Is this to do with SW I wonder? I hardly have any fats and no bread. Very unlike GI.
My periods have been regular since stopping breastfeeding at 4 months post partem but I really don't want to TTC until my weight is down a bit as I've misscarried several times in the past and spent years with no periods.
Please help.
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