Lean PCOS and diet

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Lean PCOS and diet

Postby willow_86 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:11 pm

My husband and I have been TTC for just over a year and am currently going through the GP process but had read that alterations to diet could be useful to easing PCOS problems. Since January I have cut out white carbohydrates and swapped to whole meal and reduced my intake. I have also cut out/drastically reduced the amount of added sugar I consume. We have swapped to a diabetic style diet and cooking our food from scratch to avoid processed foods. I have also cut out caffeine and sugar.

My whole adult life I have weighed around 8 and a bit stone (I'm 5ft 6). I have always been on the border line between normal weight and under weight BMI. I am acutely aware that dropped too much weight can be detrimental to TTC but am struggling to keep weight on with the new diet. I have dropped to being under weight and am down to 8 stone. I am unsure what I can eat to replace the calorific intake from the bad foods I used to eat.

I also heard recently that dairy can be quite detrimental to PCOs symptoms. I don't eat a huge amount of dairy anyway but I do eat cheese/ natural yogurt/milk and am worried that cutting this out as well is yet another source of calories. Anyone got any advice or tips?? Sorry it probably sounds like an annoying problem "help I'm too skinny!" But I'm running out of ideas! It doesn't help that I'm nutoriously fussy and I don't eat things like avocados or eggs!
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Re: Lean PCOS and diet

Postby wrigglepup » Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:24 am

Hello willow,
Could you have more protein? Chicken/turkey. Are you eating enough? Your are a nice height, which I would guess would help keep you trim. I'm 5"1 and quite a small frame when slim but I put weight on easily, although I'm no too big but I do struggle as I crave food and drink but not on a hunger point of view. Especially if I'm not busy.
I understand how not putting on weight can be as irritating as not being able to lose it.
Can you ask your Dr to put you in touch with a dietitian?
Hope you find a solution.
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