Diet question- finding it hard to be strict with myself

Struggling with weight control? Tried every diet on earth? The Glycemic Index, Low-Carbs, etc...

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Diet question- finding it hard to be strict with myself

Postby Naomi23 » Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:57 pm

I'm mostly good with my diet, trying to avoid dairy, sugar, bad fats and white bread,pasta, rice.I replace with quinoa, brown rice, almond milk, occasionally I'll have some goats cheese. I never eat cheese, butter, white rice, potatoes or white bread. I'll have a bit of milk each day in coffee and tea

An average day is :

Almond milk and Porridge with some dried prunes, flax seed and a tsp of manuka honey, agave syrup or pure maple syrup


All bran, dried prunes and some Nairs gluten free muesli and almond milk

Snack: a piece of fruit or Nakd fruit bar


Homemade soup (eg- butternut squash) or a 'skinny' Covent Garden soup with wholegrain rice cakes, or a slice of gluten free bread.
An apple or pear

Salmon, chicken or cod with vegetables, or a buckwheat pasta dish, or veggie chilli, or baked sweet potato and lentils.

Fage greek yoghurt with a tsp of agave syrup and some raspberries or blueberries

On the weekends or special occasions I am more relaxed and will have cake and other treats when with friends and eating out. For instance, if someone brings cake into work for a birthday, I will join in and have a piece. I hate feeling that I shouldn't and that I should say no to anything that might make my pcos worse, but that is just miserable to live life like that. If I'm eating out I won't let my pcos rule me and I will have desert and I will sometimes choose a dish that isn't all that good for me. For example, tonight I went out for dinner with friends and had some wine, cocktails and a 3 course meal. The other night I went to the cinema with my boyfriend and we had a burrito beforehand. On a Saturday night my boyfriend will cook dinner and we will have things like pasta dishes and risotto. If we go out to Pizza Express, I will have a pizza occasionally. My question is, will eating the things that worsen pcos- dairy, cakes, fats- a couple of times each week- worsen my symptoms and cause me to gain more and more weight, even if I eat well 70% of the time. It's horrible to restrict myself so much, I'm a food lover and have a very sweet tooth and do like to enjoy the food I like occasionally, but if I know it's going to make my excess hair, weight and acne worse I'll try and be even more strict with myself. I hate constantly beating myself up when I have a slice of cake, or a pudding once a week. I tell myself after eating it that I'll probably see more hairs tomorrow, or the acne will have gotten worse because of what I've just eaten. I feel so guilty after eating anything bad and worry about my weight. It's so demoralising to see my friends be able to eat what they want and still stay slim.

What are the very worst foods that I definitely shouldn't touch with pcos?
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Re: Diet question- finding it hard to be strict with myself

Postby Hols969 » Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:59 am

I think you are doing fine personally, you are good the majority of the time but have things that you like on occasion. Life is too short to restrict too much in my view. Also some ladies symptoms dont get worse. I think as long as you try and stay a good weight then it does reduce the chances of the pcos symptoms getting worse.
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