Been given Orlistat / Xenical advice?

Struggling with weight control? Tried every diet on earth? The Glycemic Index, Low-Carbs, etc...

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Been given Orlistat / Xenical advice?

Postby littlelolly » Thu Nov 27, 2014 6:35 pm

Hi I have taken the plunge and asked my GP for orlistat. Truth is my weight is just not shifting, I'm getting more and more depressed and my antidepressants have made me gain weight. I am just over 30 bmi, I need to be under to get further fertility treatment. I am starting slimming world again for the 4th time, sigh, and I thought I'd take this along side doing slimming world.
Is there anyone who has had success? I am scared as I know there can be issues! Any foods I should absolutely not eat apart from the obvious! I know high fat things are a no no, but can you have things like skinny latte, the odd square of chocolate?

Lolly xx
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Re: Been given Orlistat / Xenical advice?

Postby wrigglepup » Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:47 pm

Hello Lolly
Just like to say I have had tremendous success since changing to a low GI diet. The problem is anything with sugar or high in carbohydrates encourages the over production of insulin which in turn results in weight gain. The annoying thing is most western food is full of the stuff.
I avoid it now as I have noticed that I haven't had any sugar lows either. It's boring but I won't have anything apart from plain tea/coffee with normal milk, fruit teas, water and maybe the odd glass of wine. I avoid White carbs, rice, bread, pasta and brown carbs I may have rarely including potatoes. Instead I eat loads of fresh fruit and vegetables with fish, meat, chicken or beans.
Hope this is some help sorry its not very exciting but I lost all the fat that I was unhappy with. I am size 8 now and the happiest I have been since puberty with my body shape. I would like to add that I still have some meat on me but my weight seems to have plat ode, as in the past I always struggle, I lose it and it returns! X
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Re: Been given Orlistat / Xenical advice?

Postby littlelolly » Mon Dec 01, 2014 8:30 am

Thanks for your reply and well done you have done Soo well xx
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Re: Been given Orlistat / Xenical advice?

Postby Gnomes » Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:07 am

Hi Little Lolly

Just saw your post and wondered how you were getting on?
I took Orlistat for a few months last year and actually got on really well with it. If you've been taking it since November, I imagine you've got the hang of it by now, though!

I followed the SW diet at the same time, too, and found that - with the exception of eggs - I was pretty much ok with no reactions or side effects. If nothing else, it was a massive deterrent for me - the biscuits and cakes in the office just held no temptation, because the thought of having an "accident" filled me with too much fear! I didn't even eat cake on my 30th birthday!

I stopped taking the tablets in September and - for a number of reasons - didn't go back on them. I've gained a bit of Christmas weight which is proving hard to shift, so I'm going to go back on the tablets for a few weeks to try and shift some more before my next fertility appt in March.

Assume you were told to use birth control while taking them cos it's not good for babies?

Hope things are going well for you!
Gnomes. x
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